LG TV not Connecting to Wifi or Wifi Tunred Off Solved

LG Smart TV gives you a lot of streaming options by connecting to Wifi. You can either connect wirelessly or by using an Ethernet cable. Sometimes, the connection disrupts frequently or the TV cannot connect to the internet. This problem is very frustrating. Because you cannot watch your favorite shows without a Wifi connection. So today we will fix the issue with your LG TV that is not connecting to WiFi or shows that WiFi is turned OFF.

But, every problem has a solution. In this article, we will tell you some very useful tips and tricks. Try them to solve the issue of your LG TV.

1. Some Basic Solutions

Before proceeding further, you should try some basic solutions. They can help you solve the issue of Wifi turned off.

  1. First of all, check you are connecting your LG TV to the right Wifi network.
  2. Confirm that you have entered the password correctly.
  3. Connect the Wifi with your LG TV by using an Ethernet cable. But, your LG TV must have an Ethernet port to establish a wired Wifi connection.
  4. Connect this Wifi to some other device to check its reliability. If it works well with other devices then the problem lies in your LG TV.
  5. Moreover, you can also check the functioning of your LG TV. If your TV connects successfully to some other network or mobile hotspot then the router is creating the issue.
  6. In addition, disconnect other devices from your Wifi network. Maybe you have connected a lot of devices with your router. So, the system load has increased thereby weakening the signal.

These basic tricks can help you and may save your time and effort.

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LG TV not Connecting to Wifi

2. Change Some Settings

If your LG TV is not connecting to Wifi or Wifi is turned off, there may be some issue in the settings. Changing some settings can solve the problem.

Date and Time Settings

Change date and time settings on your LG TV. This trick is a little bit odd but it really works. You can do it by the following method;

  1. Open Settings on your LG TV.
  2. Navigate to ‘General’ settings and then ‘Date and Time’.
  3. Disable the ‘Automatic’ date and time feature.
  4. Set the accurate local date and time manually.

DNS Settings

Another setting you need to change is DNS (Domain Name System). Follow the instructions given below to change this setting on your LG TV;

  1. Open Settings on your LG TV and click on ‘All Settings’.
  2. Now, tap on the ‘Network’ and select ‘Wired connection/Wifi/Ethernet.
  3. Next, choose the option ‘connected to the Internet’.
  4. Your current ‘DNS server settings’ will show here.
  5. Tap on the ‘Edit’ button and disable the ‘Set automatically’ feature.
  6. Click on the ‘DNS server’ field and enter ‘’.
  7. Click on the ‘Save’ button.
  8. Check whether your LG TV connects to Wifi or not.

Quick Start or Simplink Feature

Your smart LG TV has this feature to make shut down easy. But, this feature can interfere with other functions. So, turning off this feature might help solve the connection problem. You can do it as follows;

  1. Go to Settings on your LG TV.
  2. Navigate to ‘All settings’ and then to ‘General’ settings.
  3. Scroll to find the ‘Quick Start or Simplink’ feature.
  4. Disable this feature and turn your LG TV off.
  5. After some moments, turn the TV on and check the Wifi connectivity.

3. Fix the Wifi Cable

The Cable connecting the Wifi router to the antenna should be straight. If it has any twist, straighten it. The cable should hang very tight. Because it can interrupt the signal flow. Therefore your Wifi keeps turning off or cannot connect at all. Moreover, clean the connectors and blow the dust.

If you have connected Wifi via Ethernet cable then check it also, if the cable is loosely or too tightly connected. Another thing you must do is straightening the Wifi module cable in your LG TV. Follow the guidelines given below;

  1. Open the back cover of your LG TV with the help of a screwdriver.
  2. Find the Wifi module and its ribbon cable. You cannot recognize it easily as it is wrapped in blue tape.
  3. Remove the blue tape and unfold the ribbon cable.
  4. Straighten the other Wifi module cables also.
  5. Be gentle while doing this so that you may not harm any component.

4. Rename Your Wifi and Change Password

This trick really works. Renaming your Wifi network or changing the password solves the issue. This method is tested by the LG TV owners. All you need to do is search ‘Wifi Configuration’. The wireless connection is specified as ‘2.4 or 5.0’. Give it a different name.

Another thing to do is change the password of your Wifi network. Better to use a simple password like numbers. Now, turn your LG TV off for some moments. Connect the Wifi again after turning on the TV.

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5. Hard-Line to Modem

Skip the traditional way of connecting your LG TV to Wifi. Use another method known as the WPS Pin method. Follow the steps mentioned below;

  1. On your LG TV remote, press the ‘Home/Menu’ button.
  2. Go to Settings and then ‘All Settings’.
  3. Tap on the ‘Network’ settings.
  4. Next, select ‘Wifi connection’ and then ‘Connect via WPS PIN’.
  5. It will appear on the screen, enter it to connect to your Wifi.

6. Reset the TV and Wifi Router

This is a quick and easy method to solve many issues. Turn off and on your TV a few times using a remote. You can power cycle your LG TV by unplugging it from the power outlet. Also, disconnect all the other devices like a sound system or gaming console. Wait a few minutes and plug the TV back in.

Similarly, power cycle your Wifi router. Unplug it from the electricity connection and connect again after a few minutes. You should also try a reset on your Wifi module. Press the reset button for 30 seconds. Now, try connecting your TV to the Wifi. This method resets both the TV and the router and is likely to solve the issue.

7. Remove Any Interference

Something may be interrupting the Wifi connection. For example, a USB hard drive, a streaming device, or a Bluetooth device connected to your TV. So, disconnect all such devices from your LG TV. Now, try connecting the Wifi again.

Moreover, some electronic devices can also interrupt the Wifi connection. For example, if there are other Wifi routers around you having the same frequency. Change the frequency of your Wifi router.

Remove any electronic device placed near your LG TV. For instance, a microwave, smartphone, computer, or any other device can also pose this issue. The waves emitted by these devices can turn off the Wifi on your LG TV.

8. Update or Factory Reset Your LG TV

The issue of your LG TV is not connecting to Wifi is also caused by bugs in the software or an older software version. Updating the latest software can solve the issue. To do this check the software update in your TV settings. Download and install the latest software version.

If it does not work then restore factory settings on your LG TV. It will reboot and refresh your LG TV.  Follow the instructions given below;

  1. Go to Settings on your LG TV.
  2. Next, open the ‘General’ settings.
  3. Tap the option ‘Reset to initial settings’.
  4. It will require a passcode, enter it. Click the ‘OK’ button to confirm the reset.
  5. Your TV will restore to factory settings. You may need to customize some settings on it. Now, connect to the Wifi.

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9. The Final Solution

The above-mentioned solutions are all tested and tried. Surely, they will solve your issue of TV not connecting to Wifi. This problem is caused by some software errors. Troubleshooting the router and TV fixes the problem.

However, if the issue still persists then it is due to some hardware damage. Either your LG TV or the Wifi router needs a hardware fix. You can find it very easily.

Follow the instructions mentioned earlier under the heading ‘Basic Solutions’. Get the faulty device repaired by a professional. In case, your LG TV has some fault, seek LG customer support. You can submit a complaint describing the Wifi issues on your LG TV.

Hi, I'm Noor Alam, Founder of HowToFinders.com. I'm naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets and Love to solve different problems regarding these gadgets. I will share information with you on how to fix different old devices and how to find the best products. You'll find great help from my research and experience.
Hi, I'm Noor Alam, Founder of HowToFinders.com. I'm naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets and Love to solve different problems regarding these gadgets. I will share information with you on how to fix different old devices and how to find the best products. You'll find great help from my research and experience.

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