Vacuum Pump Not Pulling Vacuum-Quick Solutions

Is your vacuum pump not pulling the vacuum? If yes, you are on the right platform. This article will guide you on how to troubleshoot your machine.

A low vacuum pressure causes problems because the machine cannot clean efficiently. Hence, you should troubleshoot the appliance.

1. Repair the Leaks

One reason is that there are leaks in the system. That’s why the vacuum pump is not pulling. Leaks or small holes cause lowering of pressure and the machine cannot reach the optimum level.

Look at the machine from all sides and locate the tiny holes that cause leaks. A helium leak checker can also be used to locate the spot.

2. Check the Power Supply

Your vacuum is not receiving enough power. That’s why it has low pressure. Check the power outlet and make sure it has adequate voltage.

Connect your machine to a different power supply outlet and notice the difference. Plug the vacuum directly into the power supply outlet on the wall instead of using a surge protector or extension cable.

3. Clean the Foreline Traps

Foreline traps are placed between a high-pressure vacuum and a backup vacuum. They help in maintaining clean oil so that the oil cannot backstream into the pump.

If the traps are not clean, they cannot filter the oil. This causes an issue with vacuum pulling. The solution is to regularly clean the filters to maintain the vacuum pump pressure.

Vacuum Pump Not Pulling Vacuum

4. Check the Oil

Another reason is that the oil is not sufficient. You should check the oil regularly. Put the right amount of oil and compatible oil.

Sometimes, the user pours the wrong type of oil and the machine does not work properly. Moreover, contaminated oil also leads to such an issue.

You should check all these things and put the sufficient and clean oil. Flush the dirty oil and refill it with new and fresh.

5. Unclog the Inlets

The inlets of your vacuum may be clogged. Dust, debris, or some foreign objects may be trapped inside the pump thus obstructing the pressure.

To resolve this issue, you should check all the inlets or pumps. Clean the pump and all other openings.

Place your palm in front of the vacuum hose to check the pressure. Flow warm water through the hose and clean with a spiral brush.

6. Test the Motor

If the motor is defective, the vacuum cannot build pressure. The motor cannot supply power to the pump. You can check the motor speed and functioning using a Multimeter.

If you suspect any defect, go to a technician. Get your motor checked and repaired. You may need to replace the motor if it has gone faulty.

7. Contact the Manufacturer

This guide is a complete assistance if your vacuum pump is not vacuuming. However, if no solution works, you should consult the manufacturer or supplier.

Maybe the vacuum has a manufacturing defect. The company can diagnose and fix the problem via technical support.

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All the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips should fix your vacuum cleaner that is not vacuuming. You should try them more than once. Feel free to ask us if you have any other queries or problems.

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