LG TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi Fixed

You must have connected your smart LG TV to a Wifi network. You can access everything on your TV through an internet connection. But, sometimes the TV keeps on disconnecting from the Wifi. There are many reasons behind this issue.

We have found the best working solutions for you. By the end of this article, your LG TV will no more disconnect from Wifi. We will tell you the permanent solution to this issue.

Some Reasons For Disconnecting LG TV From Wifi

The one major reason is the bad connection and slow speed. There may be some error in the settings. In addition, the Wifi cable may have some problems. A large distance between your TV and the Wifi router can also cause the problem of disconnection. Finally, there may be some hardware issues in either of the devices.

LG TV Keeps on Disconnecting from Wifi: Solutions

We have known the causes of disconnection. Now, let us head to the solutions. Follow these steps in the same order. Surely, one of them will fix your disconnecting LG TV.

LG TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

1. Perform the Basic Check

The first thing you need to check is your Wifi connection. The slow speed of the internet is one of the reasons. The weaker signals cause your LG TV to disconnect frequently. So, you can check the internet speed on other devices like your smartphone or computer.

A very quick and hassle-free solution is to connect the Wifi via cable. If your TV is closer to the Modem and has an Ethernet port then you can connect it to Wifi using a cable. This method works instantly and your TV will not disconnect from the Wifi.

If it is not possible for you then keep reading with us. We will tell you other methods to solve this problem.

2. Restart Your Router

Troubleshooting the Modem or Router is the best thing to do. It’s a quick and easy method to resolve the issue. If your LG TV disconnects from Wifi, it can be a temporary issue. You need to clean restart your Router or Modem. You can do it by the following methods;

  1. Turn off your router and leave it for some time.
  2. Now, unplug the power cord of the router and wait for a few minutes.
  3. Connect the power cord and turn the router on.
  4. Connect the Wifi with your LG TV. Check the connection reliability.

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3. Decrease the Distance

Another reason for disconnecting Wifi is the large distance between your TV and router. The signals are not received smoothly and your LG TV disconnects again and again. So, if your router is farther from your TV, move it closer. Now, check the performance again.

4. Check the Wifi Module

Problems in the Wifi module cable connecting the Wifi board and antenna also cause disconnection. The cable may be twisted or tight. So, the connection keeps on dropping. All you should do is loosen and flatten the Wifi cable. Moreover, you should also clean the connectors and ports on your Wifi router. The dust can also interfere with the connection.

5. Change Some Settings

Some wrong settings also trigger your disconnection. For example, your LG TV has not been granted full access to the Wifi. The Wifi will disconnect automatically when you shut down the TV. So, your LG TV behaves as the guest to your Wifi connection. But, you can solve this issue very easily.

  1. Just go to setting on your LG TV.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Connectivity’ options.
  3. Allow full access to your Wifi network.

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6. Reset your LG TV

Maybe your LG TV is causing this issue. Restarting the TV is a very helpful method. Because it refreshes and reboots your TV thereby removing all the bugs. You can restart your LG TV by the following method;

  1. Turn the TV off and leave it for a few minutes.
  2. Now, unplug the power cable of your LG TV from the electricity supply. Allow it to rest for some time.
  3. Finally, plug the power cable in and turn your LG TV on. Reconnect the Wifi network and check the performance.

7. Update the Software on Your LG TV

The outdated software, malware, or bugs can also cause disconnection. An older software on your LG TV interrupts with the Wifi network. You should install the latest software version on your TV. Follow the guidelines given below;

  1. Tap the ‘Home’ or ‘Start’ button on the remote.
  2. Now, click on the ‘Settings’ option.
  3. Choose the ‘Others’ tab.
  4. Click on the ‘Software Update’ to check the latest available software version.
  5. Download and install the latest version.

This issue is likely to solve the issue of your LG TV disconnecting from Wifi.

8. Change the Location on Your LG TV

It is a very quick trick to resolve the disconnection issue. Do not worry, we are not asking to change the physical location of your TV. Instead, you have to do it in the settings of your LG TV. Let us understand the process;

  1. Press the ‘Home’ or ‘Start’ button on your remote.
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ and then to ‘General’ settings.
  3. Select the option ‘LG Services Country’.
  4. You will see a lot of location options. Switch to a different location.
  5. It will trigger a restart on your LG TV.
  6. Once, your LG TV is restarted, shift back to your ‘Original Location’.

Now, connect the Wifi again and check its performance.

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9. The Hardware Issues

We have suggested the software fixes. But, if none of these works then your devices may have a hardware issue. But, you should find out which of both devices is the culprit.

You can check the performance of your LG TV and Wifi router through a very simple method. Connect your Wifi network to some other device. Check whether it disconnects or works well. If the Wifi poses the same disconnection issue on the other device then it has some hardware fault. You can seek help from a technician.

If the Wifi is working fine with other devices then you should check your LG TV. Connect another internet/Wifi connection or mobile hotspot with your LG TV. If it keeps on disconnecting from this internet also then the TV has some hardware issue. In this case, you should seek LG customer support.

This article will surely help you in fixing your LG TV that keeps disconnecting from WiFi. You would enjoy stable WiFi connectivity once you have found the culprit.

Hi, I'm Noor Alam, Founder of HowToFinders.com. I'm naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets and Love to solve different problems regarding these gadgets. I will share information with you on how to fix different old devices and how to find the best products. You'll find great help from my research and experience.
Hi, I'm Noor Alam, Founder of HowToFinders.com. I'm naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets and Love to solve different problems regarding these gadgets. I will share information with you on how to fix different old devices and how to find the best products. You'll find great help from my research and experience.

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