Vacuum Cleaner Smells Like Burning-Causes and Immediate Solutions

Do not ignore if your vacuum cleaner smells like burning. Instead, take some quick steps to diagnose the cause and resolve the issue. The burning odor comes due to a number of issues both internal and external.

Therefore, you need to check it. Without proper scanning, the exact reason cannot be detected. In this article, I will tell you the possible causes and the tricks to fix your vacuum cleaner.

1. Brand New Vacuum Giving OFF Smell?

Sometimes, it happens that your brand-new vacuum cleaner gives OFF odd smells. It also happened to me. I felt worried and searched for the reasons online.

I came to know that brand-new vacuum cleaners give off some odor. However, it went away after a few days. If it does not go off from your cleaner, you need to examine it.

2. Scan the Electric Motor

The motor might have failed. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner is giving a smell. Indeed, it indicates the electrical burns. Start by scanning the other parts such as the belt, filter, or wands.

Then, check the motor and see any visible signs of a short circuit. Take help from a professional mechanic to test and repair the motor.

Vacuum Cleaner Smells Like Burning

3. The Drive Belt is Bad

If the drive belt has gone defective, you will feel such kind of smell. Especially, the burnt rubber smell comes from the machine. It happens due to overheating or wear and tear.

The belt can be located with the rotatory brushes. The belt is replaceable and you can find a cheap replacement from a nearby store or Amazon.

4. Examine the Power Cord

Another culprit is the bad power cord. It may have burnt internally or externally. Touch the cord, is it too hot? If yes, it is melting from the inside, switch OFF the machine.

Examine the cord along its entire length to notice any cuts or burns. Wrap the electrical tape on small cuts. However, if it is too damaged, replace the cord. Otherwise, there can be a spark or fire.

5. Check the Power Supply

The problem can be totally external such as with the power supply. Reach out to the electrical outlet into which you have plugged your vacuum cleaner. Notice if the smell is coming from the outlet.

Are there any visible signs of short circuits or burns? If yes, plug your vacuum into a different power outlet. Connecting to a too-high voltage source or power surge can lead to such issues.

6. Unblock the Filters

Another reason for the foul smell is blocked or dirty filters. Check the filter screen and the filters. Look if they are clogged with debris or dust. It blocks the airflow and ventilation.

Hence, you have to clean the filters thoroughly. Read the user manual to confirm the process of cleaning. Some vacuum filters are washable.

So, you can wash them with fresh water, let them dry, and then reinsert them into the machine. However, if they are not washable, you should replace the filters.

7. Unclog the Brushes

As you know, your vacuum cleaner uses rotatory brushes for cleaning. A number of things trap into them including hair, thread, fragments of plastic, food bits, and other things.

Due to overheating, this trapped rubbish can start burning, hence, giving off bad smells. The solution is to clean the brushes after every cleaning round. Cut the hair with scissors and free the brushes from any traps.

8. Something is Burning in the Bag

Another possible cause is that the garbage in the cleaner bag is burning. Some people accidentally pick up a burning cigarette or something else through their vacuum cleaner. It can immediately start a fire inside the bag.

In such a case, you should at once switch OFF the machine. Open it and check the garbage bag. Moreover, do not keep on using the appliance if the bag is full. Empty it first and then clean your house.

9. Confirm the Source of the Smell

It might be the case that the smell is not coming from your vacuum cleaner but instead from something else. But, how can you detect it? Place the vacuum cleaner out on the lawn, garage, or out of your house.

Then, wait a few moments and notice if the smell still exists. If yes, the source is something else. Hence, you have to detect this thing around your house.

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Final Words

You need to check several things if your vacuum cleaner smells like burning. The most important things to check are the motor, drive belt, and vacuum bag or brushes. I also recommend checking other things mentioned in this guide. In this way, you can diagnose the source of the smell and prevent any potential accidents.

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