VacMaster Not Vacuuming-Reasons and Quick Troubleshooting

VacMaster is an efficient and popular vacuum cleaner. However, it can stop vacuuming at times. There might be multiple reasons behind this issue. Hence, you need to diagnose where the problem lies.

This guide will help you resolve the issue and troubleshoot your vacuum cleaner. Some users get frustrated and think of throwing out their machines. But, you should not do this because the cause can be very trivial. Let us explore and learn how to fix your appliance.

Step 1. Vacant the Garbage Bag

The most immediate reason is that the garbage bag is full. That’s why the vacuum has no space to take in the garbage. Check the bag and empty it fully.

Clean the inside of the bag or replace it if it is worn out. Otherwise, the appliance will not suck the debris. Be sure to reinsert the bag properly.

Step 2. Unblock the Hose

Another reason is that the vacuum hose is clogged. Something may be stuck inside the pipe and it cannot pick up the garbage. Here is how you can check the hose if it is blocked or not:

  1. Detach the hose from the main head of the vacuum body.
  2. Now, take a coin and drop it in the hose from one end.
  3. The coin should come out of the other end of the tube if it is not blocked.
  4. Another way to test is by checking the suction.
  5. Turn ON your VacMaster vacuum cleaner.
  6. Place your palm in front of the opening where the hose connects to the vacuum.
  7. Do you feel suction or it is very little?
  8. If suction is not normal, the hose is clogged.

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Step 3. Clean the Hose of the Vacuum

Once you have confirmed that the hose is blocked, you should clean it thoroughly.

  1. Use water and a hose-cleaning brush.
  2. Completely detach the tube from the vacuum body.
  3. Run the water through the hose from a pressure pipe or nozzle.
  4. Then, insert the clog remover brush inside and remove all the debris.
  5. Dry, reattach, and then clean your house.

Step 4. Clean All the Parts

In addition to the hose, other parts also need cleaning. For example, the brush rollers are not clean and cannot work well. Sometimes, hair and threads trap in the brushes and prevent them from rolling.

You should check this and cut the hair with scissors. Moreover, clean the contact points, seal bar, vacuum pouch, and lid gasket.

Step 5. Change the Filters

Another reason is the dirty filters. If they get too dirty, your vacuum cannot work. Hence, you have to check the filters and replace them timely. Normally, they need to be replaced every 3-6 months.

Filters are of different types, foam filters are washable. However, do not try to wash and reuse other types of filters. Because dirt cannot wash off completely thus affecting the efficiency of your machine.

Step 6. Reset Your VacMaster Vacuum

Resetting can help resolve temporary issues. Sometimes, all the parts work fine but there is a problem with the software system. A simple power cycle is very effective. Here is how to do it:

  1. Unplug your VacMaster from the electrical source.
  2. Leave it turned OFF for 5-10 minutes.
  3. If the machine is too hot, let it cool down. Overheating can cause malfunctioning.
  4. Plug the power cord again and use the appliance.
  5. Repeat these steps multiple times to enhance the efficiency.

Step 7. Ensure Adequate Power Supply

It can happen that the vacuum is not receiving an adequate amount of power to work properly. You should check the electrical outlet. Is it delivering enough voltage and is it working well?

Connect your VacMaster to a different power source. Do not use extensions or surge protectors and plug directly into a working power outlet. This can resolve the issue.

Step 8. Check the Settings of Your VacMaster

Another reason can be the incorrect settings. For example, the timer is not set correctly. Now, try to set the time higher. Also, check other settings on your machine.

Read the user manual for clear instructions and settings. Then, clean it again to check its functioning.

Step 9. Replace the Worn Out Parts

Over time, certain parts of your VacMaster can wear out such as the brush or the hose. The brush bristles can be reduced and worn out due to friction and use for a long time. Likewise, the hose may be leaked or defective.

Thus, the air pressure cannot build up and is lost midway. You need to carefully examine these parts. Look for holes in the hose and bristles of the brushes.

Replace the damaged or worn-out parts. You can purchase the replacement parts from Amazon or a nearby store.

Step 10. Repair the Broken Seal

One of the most reported causes is the broken internal seals on VacMaster. In this case, your appliance fails to vacuum. The seal can break due to rough usage. Moreover, it can be a manufacturing defect.

You should contact the company for a repair or replacement. If the product has not exceeded the warranty period, you will get free-of-cost service.

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Final Thoughts

Our guide is very helpful if your VacMaster is not vacuuming. You should try all the troubleshooting steps mentioned here. Check all the parts and clean them thoroughly. Hopefully, this will fix your appliance. Otherwise, you need professional assistance from the company.

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