Why Does My Shark Vacuum Not Turn ON-Complete Troubleshooting

The Shark vacuum works very efficiently. Sometimes, it can stop working and does not turn ON. This situation is really frustrating if you have to clean your home urgently.

There can be several reasons behind this issue. Hence, you need to check and troubleshoot the machine. This guide will help you in fixing your Shark vacuum cleaner.

1. Check the Power Source

One of the immediate reasons is that the vacuum is not plugged in properly. So, check the power cord and plug it securely into the electrical outlet.

Likewise, the outlet can be defective or is not passing enough voltage. Check the outlet by plugging in some other device such as a charger or lamp.

Alternatively, connect your machine to a different power outlet that is functional. Switch ON the power button and make sure it is not faulty.

2. Fix the Circuit Breaker or Fuse

Maybe the circuit breaker is tripped or the fuse is blown out. Because vacuums use a lot of power when they turn ON for the first time.

This can cause tripping of the outlet breaker. Press the reset button on the electrical outlet to troubleshoot the problem.

Go to the main electrical panel of your house and check all the circuit breakers and fuses. Reset or replace a tripped breaker to release the power supply.

Why Does My Shark Vacuum Not Turn ON

3. Reset Thermostat

The thermostat motor may need a reset. It can overheat due to continuous usage. Hence, the thermostat gets tripped. Resultantly, the vacuum will not turn ON. Reset it as follows:

  1. Turn OFF your Shark vacuum by moving the Power button to the “OFF” position.
  2. Now, unplug the vacuum from the power outlet.
  3. Look for any blocks or clogs in the hose or filter.
  4. Clean the hose thoroughly to remove any clogs or blocking objects.
  5. Cool down your vacuum by leaving it shut down for 30-60 minutes.
  6. Connect the machine again to the power outlet and turn ON the power switch.

4. Examine the Power Cord

Another cause may be the damaged power cord. Examine the power cord of your Shark carefully. Look for any cuts, bends, or exposed areas.

The insulation layer or the internal wires may be defective. Repair the small defects by wrapping the electrical tape.

However, if the cable is damaged, you need to replace it with a new one.

5. Recharge the Battery

Is your Shark vacuum cordless with a rechargeable battery? If yes, you need to recharge the battery fully. It almost takes 2-3 hours to completely charge.

If the power is low or drained out, the vacuum will not turn ON. Sometimes, it may require extra time to store the power in case the battery is empty.

6. Replace the Broken Belt

Another thing to check is the belt of your vacuum. It may be broken thus cannot connect the brush roller to the motor. Therefore, the appliance cannot function.

Observe the belt when you turn ON your Shark. Does the belt move? Moreover, look for any visible signs of wear and tear. Replace the broken or defective belt.

7. Repair the Motor

Turn ON your vacuum and listen to the motor sound. Do you hear any humming or buzzing? If no sound comes, the motor is faulty.

You should check it with a Multimeter. The vacuum cannot work until the motor turns ON. Hence, consult a technician to get the motor checked. Repair or replace the motor if it is damaged.

8. Contact the Shark Support Team

I recommend you try all the troubleshooting solutions given in this guide. Double-check all the hardware components. Repair or replace the defective or broken parts.

If nothing works, contact the Shark support team. The company can find and fix the problem. You will get a free repair or replacement if the machine is under warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions that will give you more information about your Shark and other vacuum cleaners.

Why my vacuum cleaner is not working or turning ON?

The main reason can be a bad power supply, insufficient voltage, or a tripped circuit breaker. Other causes are hardware defects in your machine. By following our guide, you can fix your appliance at home.

How to unclog the hose of my vacuum?

First, check if the hose is blocked or clean. Drop a coin from one end of the hose, if it comes out of the other end, the hose is not blocked. Use the pressure pipe or nozzle to clean the hose. Likewise, you can clean the hose using a cleaning brush.

How to reset my vacuum if it is malfunctioning?

Simply, unplug the vacuum cleaner from the electric power outlet. Wait for 60 seconds to 60 minutes so that it can dissipate heat. Connect the appliance again to the power outlet. Some Shark vacuums have a dedicated reset button, press it to reset the device.

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There are many possible reasons why your Shark vacuum does not turn ON. This guide has listed all the causes and also explained the solutions. Surely, your vacuum cleaner is now working and turning ON.

Writer at HowToFinders.com
Writer at HowToFinders.com