Fix Yamaha Yas 207 No Sound

Yamaha Yas 207 soundbar made it easier to immerse yourself in the clear sound of TV shows, favorite movies, and games.

This is the first soundbar with ” DTS Virtual X”. It looks slim, easy to connect with Bluetooth and wireless subwoofers.

Soundbars are the new innovation to listen to quality sound by avoiding cables. It is easy to connect with the TV and enjoy the sound in the room.

Imagine if you face the issue from Yamaha Yas 207 Soundbar has no sound and has breaking sound. This will spoil your interest in sound and music.

Fixing Issue of Yamaha Yas 207 Soundbar

No need to panic yourself,  here we discuss some ways to fix Yamaha Yas 207 soundbar in less time:

  • You need to check the TV volume and it must be up
  • The soundbar volume also needs to check that must be up
  • If the volume of the bar is high and the TV’s volume is down you will not hear any sound
  • Use the correct HDMI port to plug in the cable
  • Connect the cables firmly in the port and do not let them loose
  • Once check the TV speakers’ settings within the audio Menu
  • Make sure the TV volume is not muted and not OFF as well
  • Unplug both TV and Soundbar for 10 seconds and Plugin again
  • Maybe your HDMI cable is faulty try with a new one and checks the soundYamaha Yas 207 No Sound

Troubleshoot Yamaha Yas 207 Soundbar

Above we discussed some initial steps to check if your Yamaha Yas 207 Soundbar has no sound. If you think that still you are having issues with no sound then you need to troubleshoot the soundbar.

  • Unplug both Soundbar and woofer for one hour
  • It is best to reset connectivity in one hour
  • Plugin both again
  • Let the soundbar turn OFF
  • Press and hold the subwoofer(-) button for 4 seconds on remote

By doing this troubleshooting hopefully when you connect your soundbar to any device you can hear sound coming from it.

Most of the time root cause is in the HDMI technology used for soundbars. HDMI helps to combine audio, video, and control signals into one cable.

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Final Thoughts 

This article will help you to resolve the issue of  Yamaha Yas 207 that has no sound coming out of it. Above we described all the effective methods which will be helpful.

By applying all the methods, you can solve the sound issues in your Yamaha Yas 207  soundbar. We do hope you can get sound from your soundbar loud and clear.

If you went through all the steps which are mentioned above, and still have the same issue of no sound, this is the time to contact the product manufacturer.

You can consult with the local professional as well. Hopefully, he will help you in some sort and make your soundbar fixed in less time.


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