Fix Soundbar Not Working After Power Outage

If you are facing an issue that your Soundbar is not working after a power Outage, no need to worry about this problem. You will get the solutions right here.

If a thunderstorm is running out or any kind of power outage you are facing, but when the power restores again Soundbar is not working or not switching on.

Electricity comes back and the receiver looks fine but Soundbar is not working and does not show on button lighting. And can’t hear any voice from Speakers.

Fixing Problems

You must be lucky that you can fix your soundbar easily by yourself by using some needful checks.

1- Turn the speaker ON and if the speaker is not getting ON check the power socket and try to change the socket and repeat the same and turn on Soundbar.

2- You really need to check the wire and cable if it is damaged or not. If you find it damaged you need to change the cable and then power on the soundbar.


3- Sometimes you set your Soundbar as a sleeping mode deliberately or unconsciously, and sound does not come from it and you think that there is some issue in the Soundbar. Must check your device is not on sleeping mode.

4-Most of the time Soundbar connects with TV or other devices automatically. You really need to check the Connections to the Internet at your home.

Soundbar Not Working After Power Outage


Troubleshooting Tips

If you check all these things and find no issue regarding above all, then we need to do some needful troubleshooting to solve this Soundbar power issue.

Firstly we need to power cycle the Soundbar.

  • You will have to unplug the Soundbar from Cord
  • When you unplugged the Soundbar then hold the power button for 5 seconds
  • Power on the Soundbar after reconnecting with the power cable

When you press the Soundbar button then must watch the light of the power indicator. What if the light is not ON at all?

  • You must reset the cable from the device and check if the Electricity plug is working
  • Unplug the cable from the back of the device and put it back and check if it is connected properly

If Soundbar is not lighting, then you need to check by changing the device. If the other device is working and the soundbar is not working then you need to check on this issue by the company. Warranty will help in repairing the Soundbar.

If you did check all the useful tips and troubleshooting and Soundbar is still not ON due to a power outage. You need to check with the manufacturer of the device or you can also consult with a local Electrician. They will change the item if it is in Guarantee.

Lastly, you realize nothing will make a difference to your Soundbar to the local Electrician market if the warranty is expired and no choice is left.

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Final Thoughts

I do hope the local  Electrician will fix your device and the power of your Soundbar will show again. You will enjoy the Sound of your Soundbar and Movies and Dramas during this period of Covid 19.

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