Fix Onkyo Subwoofer no Blue Light

Subwoofer helps take away the heavy lifting from your loudspeakers, improving your overall system. You may hear the bass from your bookshelf or floor-standing speakers.

Onkyo Subwoofers are the best known for their sound and bass. People all around the world like to purchase them for their home theater and cinemas to enjoy quality music with bass.

Onkyo Subwoofers are worth their price and people like to have them at their home. Unfortunately, One day to turn on the system but your Onkyo subwoofer has not blue light still red light is shown.

How to Fix Onkyo Subwoofer No Blue Light

Here we check some effective hacks to fix Onkyo Subwoofer that has no blue light on. Initially need to do some things.

  • Check to make sure you have power
  • Make sure it is well connected to the Onkyo amplifier
  • Check on the speaker configuration and sound mode
  • Unplugged the subwoofer plug and Coaxial cable for half an hour
  • Plug the subwoofer into the outlet and then the coaxial plug into the receiver
  • Later turn on the receiver again and check the blue light on the sub
  • Make sure the card cable is plugged into the pre-out sub on the receiver Onkyo Subwoofer no Blue Light
  • Check your connection problem
  • Check the internal fuse near the power transformer
  • Check if there is any visible damage
  • Check for loose cables
  • Check for damage fuses
  • Sometimes you need to do the above in combination with any or all of the following:
  1. Turn VOLUME all the way down to zero
  2. Turn SPEAKER selection to OFF
  3. UNPLUG the amplifier from the power outlet for a while. They recommend an hour, but I find a few minutes worked for me. Then plug back in
  4.  You can turn your subwoofer on and check the blue light on it

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Final Thoughts

Here above we mentioned some effective ways to fix your issue of Onkyo Subwoofer no blue Light. It is still showing red light which indicates a stand-by subwoofer.

You must try all these hacks before you decide to go shopping for a new Subwoofer for your receiver. We really hope you can find a solution in this article regarding your issue.

This article is for those who believe in DIY (Do It Yourself). People must be ready to solve the issues in less time and without paying extra to the professionals.

If you think an issue exists then you need to contact the manufacturer or the technician in the town who can help you solve this issue and Enjoy the Melody of your subwoofer.