FIx Onkyo HDMI Failure

Onkyo has top listed products for your audio system, needs from speakers to playback devices to amplifiers and receivers.

Onkyo’s AV receiver range is very impressive, complete with surprising functions and products for nearly every home listening environment Credible.

While you have Onkyo Reciever and one day all of a sudden you turn on your Tv and it just has no sound. You may find that  Onkyo HDMI Failure is the reason.

We have noticed that Onkyo receivers are experiencing this HDMI failure issue. We will check here some of the initial checks and fixes for Onkyo HDMI failure or not working.

How to Fix Onkyo HDMI Failure

  • First, check the HDMI cable is in a bad condition or good
  • If your HDMI cable is bruised or damaged change with the new one
  • Check both ends of the cable and ensure both are firmly connected
  • Unplug the HDMI cable from your Onkyo Receiver and also from the source
  • Insert the cable again and push it in the port until it is fixed firmly
  • Replace or repair the power outlet if the current one is damaged
  • Plugin the HDMI cable to another port and check the sound Onkyo HDMI Failure

Restart the Device

We do another check to restart both your Onkyo receiver and the connected device.

  • Turn off both your Onkyo receiver and the device connected via HDMI
  • Switch OFF the power supply to both devices
  • Disconnect the HDMI cable joining your TV with the source
  • Wait a few minutes and plug in the power source again
  • Turn on your receiver and the connected device

Incorrect Settings

If no sound comes from the Onkyo receiver  HDMI may be the reason is incorrect settings. Set the digital input signal to “Auto” and then select correct digital input source.

Disconnect headphones from the receiver when you are trying to use your system with the external speakers.

Faulty HDMI Port

When you go through the above-mentioned steps and your HDMI cable is working with other devices then the fault lies in the HDMI port.

The port may be faulty so cannot fit the cable properly inside. You can check the HDMI port using a simple trick.

  • Connect the HDMI cable into a different port on your Onkyo receiver or the source device
  • If it gives sound while plugged into the other port then you need to repair the faulty port

If you want to replace or repair the HMDI port costs you high. So, you should keep your Onkyo HDMI port safe by careful handling.

  • Always gently remove the cable from the port
  • Avoid jerking or tugging because it can damage the delicate parts of the HDMI port
  • Always insert the cable properly and do not put extra pressure

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we address the major issues of Onkyo HDMI failure. It looks so easy to apply and you can try once to fix your issue in less time at home.

HDMI is the important port in any receiver or device. When you apply all these instructions given above you can sort out the issue and fix it.

Hopefully, you consider this article as a proper guide if you are facing the Onkyo HDMI Failure issue. Help yourself, take guidance and enjoy the sound again.

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