Logitech H390 Not Working on MAC Solved

Some people are confused to have one question in mind if Logitech H390 is compatible with MacBook or not. It is totally compatible with Apple MacBook. You can use this headset and it will work fine.

Logitech H390 Headset is easy to use with MacBook, without any software installation. Just plug in the USB in the port and start using it. Have great fun using this Headset with MacBook.

Now the next question is Logitech H390 is not working on MacBook then what you need to do? Here we will check some of the steps to solve this issue.



Initially, we need to check some of the common errors and then try to fix them, just follow the guide:

    1. Open preferences of the system and select “Sound”
    2. Click on the input tab and chose “Logitech USB Headset”
    3. Click on the output tab and chose “Logitech USB Headset”
    4. After doing this close the window
  • Unplug the Headset and plugin again in the port and check the sound
  • Sometimes dust is inside the port and the USB does not work. Clean the jack and blow all the dust-out and then plug in wire
  • When you plug in the wire in the port press both buttons of volume at the same time
  • Always check that your default Headset is “Logitech USB Headset”
  • If your headphones are not recognized by MacBook then need to check the second jack or change the adapterLogitech H390 Not Working on MAC

Connect the Headset

To connect a Logitech H390 Headset to MacBook, it contains a 3.5 mm connector to join with MacBook. Just check the Audio line Out Jack and plug in the USB to that port. Mac will detect the Headset automatically and will show all the applications.

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Final Thoughts 

Usually, you can solve the MacBook issue by following all the steps.  These are small steps you can take and fix the Logitech H390 issue if it is not working on MacBook.

As per my personal experience, you can face fewer issues with Logitech H390 Headsets, it’s a good device to Enjoy all the sounds and games and have great fun.

But still, if you face any issue with Logitech H390 Headset this article will help you understand the issue. It is a proper guide if headset h390 is not connecting or not working with windows or MacBook.