Klipsch Soundbar Volume problems Solved

If you find that your Klipsch Soundbar volume is too low and becomes high and sometimes no volume at all,  you are facing irritation regarding this issue. You will find your answers in this article.

Klipsch soundbar is much famous for its excellent speakers and powerful sub-woofers. It is really famous in sound quality and clarity of voice.

Imagine if this Klipsch Soundbar you are having get an issue of volume then you must be desperate and want to resolve this issue as soon as possible for better sound.

Reasons and Solutions

If the volume is low and becomes high automatically you need to check some issues to solve them by yourself without consulting any technician. Hopefully no need for any consultation.

Klipsch Soundbar Volume problems

How to Adjust Volume

If you are connecting Soundbar to the TV via HDMI, You need to check that:

  • CEC function is enabled on the Soundbar. If it is not enabled then the soundbar will not give any sound out
  • Press the soundbar remote button for 3 seconds
  • The orange light indicates that you are adjusting the volume for the left speaker
  • When you feel that the left speaker volume is adjusted then again press the Soundbar remote button for 3 seconds and move it to the right speaker
  • You will see the LED light will show in red, this will indicate that you are adjusting the volume of the right speaker
  • Always use the standard volume control to the soundbar to adjust Volume
  • When you finish this procedure after fixing the volume of both speakers then hold the SRB  button again for 3  seconds to exit
  • If you think or realize that this issue is about pairing devices, then update the firmware to 48

Need to remember

One thing volume will start from 0 dB. And this can up and down to 8 dB.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you will find a better solution here and your Soundbar will be fixed. Volume adjustment issue will no more. All the instructions mentioned above are fully applicable.

You can solve your volume adjustment issue by following all the instructions. If the volume is quite low or no volume at all,  you can fix your volume issue in less time.

Hope this will help you solve volume problems on your Klipsch soundbar. If the issue of volume still remains then you need to contact the manufacturer of the soundbar.

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