Fix Logitech H390 Headset Microphone Not Working

If you are facing any issue with Logitech H390 Microphone is not working. Then no need to panic in this situation.  The reason can be in configuration settings.

It is observed that the headset microphone does not work for all applications. Sometimes the issue comes with one application only. First, we need to find out the reason why the headset mic is not working.

Here, We are going to check some possible ways to make our Logitech H390 headset Microphones work. The solutions we will mention below are cover the basic configuration and setting of the headset.

USB Logitech H390 Issue

Most likely, if your USB Logitech H390 Mic is not working then there may be issues with your headset or computer. To check this problem we need to go through fewer things.

Logitech H390 Headset Microphone Not Working

How to check and Fix 

  • If your headset is new then try to connect your headset to another jack (port) of the computer and then check the microphone. Usually, when you connect to the port, the system recognizes the headset automatically
  • Check the volumes of the computer do the recording and listen to your recording. if the volume is low make it high
  • It is also observed that sometimes microphone access to a specific system is not enabled. You just need to make your microphone allow to access all the applications
  • Outdated Audio driver one of the reasons the Microphone is not working, you need to install updated audio drivers. There are 2 ways to update one is manual and the other is automatic
  • This Logitech H390 headset comes with a mute button so you need to check if it is muted or unmuted. Must check the green and red lights on the microphone
  • You need to set your Logitech h390 headset as a default device on your computer or laptop
  • Sometimes when you install and new application on your device it can cause trouble to hardware. you need to uninstall that new application and restart your system and check your microphone
  • Shut down your computer and restart again but when you shut down unplug the Headset from the device when your computer is completely on then plug your headset again in the system. The mic might start working
  • Need to check the physical connection of the cable to the system must be strong and firmly connected in the port
  • You need to check once you put the cable in the right slot
  • Update BIOS (Basic Input/output system) which depends on the motherboard and differs from manufacturers
  • Connect your Logitech H390 headset to another device and check the microphone, because if your own device has some hardware issue then need to confirm by doing this small effort
  • Try to reinstall USB drivers to your device. Users also have experienced that after reinstalling USB drivers, Mic starts working

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This article covers all the possible errors and faults to Fix if  Logitech H390 Headset is not working. Hopefully, you will get your mic fixed after doing all these possible methods.

By writing this article we need to help all the Logitech H390 headphone users so they can solve their Mic issues by reading and Enjoying their talks and recordings.

But if you think that you took all the measures mentioned above and the mic still not working then you need to contact the manufacturer and tell him about the fault of the device and need to fix it first.