Fix Logitech G900 Not Charging

The Logitech G900 is a magnificent mouse for MMO gaming. Logitech has customizable buttons,  you can have up to two side buttons on both sides.

Professional-grade Logitech G900 is a gaming mouse with ultra-fast lag-free wired or wireless connection. Professional eSports gamers like to have this mouse while playing games.

Logitech G900 is a wireless rechargeable mouse with a reliable battery life of up to 30 hours on a single charge.

But if you find out that your Logitech G900 is not charging, and you are so desperate while facing this issue and looking for some tips to fix it.

We discuss some useful tips to fix this Logitech G900 charging problem.

How to Charge Logitech G900

As we mentioned that Logitech G900 comes with rechargeable batteries or a USB cable for charging it. This process is the same as charging your phone or laptop.

You just plug the cable into the power source and the mouse’s charge jack. You will see the LED light will be On.

The G900’s battery takes two hours to charge, when it is fully charged then disconnects from the power source.

Logitech G900 Not Charging

Check the Power Source

Power Current is the main source of any of the device charging. You need to check the Power source before going to the next step.

Check the power socket by connecting any other device there. If power is coming to the device then you have to look into the other steps to fix this charging issue.

Check the USB cable and USB port

Logitech G900 comes with a Micro USB cable with it. You need to check that cable if it is damaged or bruised from somewhere. If you find any fault in it then replace the USB cable.

Next, you need to examine the USB port carefully and see if any damage is inside. If your USB port is damaged then you need to contact your Logitech support.

Unplug and plugin Again

Sometimes there is an issue in connection. Disconnect the USB cable from the power source and unplug your Logitech G900 from the power adapter.

Wait for 5 minutes then Plugin again the cable and connect to the power adapter. This will help to debug if any error in the connection. Power on and check if Logitech G900 starts charging.

Reset Logitech G900

Here we try to Reset Logitech G900. Follow these below steps:

  • First, unplug the mouse
  • Press down the left and right mouse buttons
  • While holding down the mouse buttons, plugin the mouse back into the computer
  • Wait for 5 seconds then release the buttons
  •  See an LED flashlight if it resets successfully

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We have tried to give you some effective steps to fix your Logitech G900 is not Charging. Follow all these above-mentioned hacks to resolve the issue of your Logitech mouse.

If you find that your Logitech G900 is still not charging after taking all these steps, it may be your mouse is faulty. You can replace your mouse if it is in warranty.

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