Fix Logitech G502 Not Moving

Everyone knows about the Logitech G520  Mouse, it’s a well-built product made by Logitech for gaming and people use it for a wide customizable range.

However, Logitech G520 is a great product and relief for users, but some users complained about this mouse and facing some issues that it is not working or detecting properly.

Highlighted Issues 

Here we discuss some of the issues that users are facing then they by using the Logitech G520  mouse.

  • It’s stopped suddenly while working and lights are working but the cursor is not moving on the screen
  • Trying to move in a circle but is not behaving like instructions, it drifts off the sideways
  • Not easy to aim the target and flick it, does not move properly
  • The mouse acts erratically and does not work fine on windows
  • The sensor of the Mouse totally went down and could not flick anything on the screen Logitech G502 Not Moving

Solutions to Fix Logitech G520

Various factors can be the cause your Logitech G520 is not working properly or not detected. It is really not hard to fix the issue. We discuss some major solutions here:

  • Check the power switch of the Mouse, make sure it is on. It must be on then it will connect to a computer and work properly
  • Try to remove the batteries of the mouse and put it out for just 5 to 10 seconds and insert again and switch on the mouse and check if it is working
  • Restart the  Computer/laptop  and enable it to recognize the device (mouse)
  • If your mouse drivers are outdated then need to install updated drivers on your computer. Restart your computer again and check
  • One thing that needs to check is the USB port. Sometimes port is not providing the required power to the mouse. Change the port and check if the mouse is working
  • You can check your Logitech G520 mouse by connecting to another healthy computer and observing its receiving, detection, and cursor movements
  • Sometimes the surface of the Mouse is not compatible, change the surface of the mouse and try using it
  • We also noticed that the Logitech G520 mouse stops working or detecting due to interruption of the electric item, cellular phone, and metal around it.
  • Lastly, you can check the batteries if looked spoiled then change with the new ones

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Final Thoughts 

Here we discuss all the issues regarding Logitech G520 are not working and fixing it by doing some efforts at home in less time.

This article will help you fix your Logitech G520 Mouse and there is no need to take any help from outside.

Users all around the world took help from this article and hopefully you can solve your issue of Logitech G520 when you apply one of the hacks from it.