How To Fix JVC DVD Player Not Reading Disc

Are you experiencing DVD problems with your JVC DVD player? Don’t worry, there are several ways to fix the problem and get back to enjoying your favorite movies or TV shows.

However, if you aren’t sure what the problem is, it may be difficult to get the right solution. This article will give you some easy-to-follow instructions and show you the best way to repair common DVD problems so that you can enjoy your entertainment again in no time at all!

I also faced the same problem. I got this problem solved when I went through all the necessary steps. Some of them are mentioned below.

JVC DVD Player Not Reading Disc

How to fix JVC DVD player disc error code 5

Fixing an out-of-place disc can be as simple as gently taking hold of it and inserting it back into its slot. If that doesn’t work, try blowing on it. With a dry cloth, naturally.

Press any buttons or flip open any levers, then close them up again. Check to see if your player is set to read discs instead of playing them (many older players default to play). Finally, consider trying a new disc. Make sure you have at least one with you when using your player.

Press eject on your DVD player

Before you do anything, make sure that your DVD player isn’t actually reading a disc and playing it back. If you hear sound, or see video on screen when you press eject, don’t continue; consult your device’s user manual for troubleshooting.

For example, if your issue is with a Blu-ray player from Sony, search for Blu-ray problems on their support site. Otherwise, we can proceed assuming that your DVD player is not reading discs correctly at all (meaning you don’t even hear audio), or even at all (meaning nothing happens when you press eject).

In either case, start here: Press and hold power until it turns off completely.

Remove the disc from your tray

The first thing you should do when your DVD player isn’t reading discs is remove any disc currently in your tray. If there is no disc inside, you can skip ahead to the next step.

However, if there’s a disc in your tray, take it out and look for cracks or dents on its surface. If you see any, you should get rid of that disc immediately.

The reason is that it’s already damaged and unreadable by all but one of your devices—your trash can! If you don’t find any cracks or dents on your disc but aren’t able to read it anyway, continue reading below.

Clean your disk with water and hand dry it

Most times when a disc will not read on a player, it’s because of a small bit of debris that is lodged between an important cog in your DVD player. Do NOT touch it as you may damage your equipment and do NOT blow on it to try and get rid of any possible debris.

The best course of action is to spray a tiny amount of cleaner (you can use Windex) onto a clean microfiber cloth, let it soak into those fibers for about ten seconds, then gently wipe down your disk from center out to edge.

Repeat as necessary until disk is clean. DO NOT dry with paper towels. Only dry off disk with clean microfiber cloths or cotton rags you’ve bought specifically for cleaning DVDs/Blu-rays.

Reinsert disc back into tray

If your DVD player isn’t reading discs, try to insert it again. If your machine has a resume feature, use it. It’s possible that your player simply stopped reading midway through a previous disc. After that, it needs to re-start from scratch in order to finish it.

A jolt can also help – sometimes a player will freeze on one specific video frame or menu screen. So an ejection and quick reinsertion can shock it back into working order.

Another thing to try is an emergency eject by pushing in on both of its buttons at once for about 15 seconds: This forces most machines to reset themselves, clearing up a lot of problems.

Now try playing it again

This step is a bit like double-checking that your tires are properly inflated. If you’ve been through all of these steps and it still won’t play, then it’s time to dig deeper. Try another disc (if you have one) or consult your owner’s manual to see if there are other fixes.

Otherwise, pop it in a different player and see if that works. If it does, then check back with JVC. They might be able to help you diagnose what went wrong with your player.

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Facing the problem of JVC DVD Player Not Reading Disc? It’s fixed. When you take proper care of your electronics and make sure that you’re using them properly, they can provide an awful lot of convenience in your life.

Knowing how to fix a broken electronic device is just as important as knowing how to use it properly. Hopefully, these tips will help. The next time something goes wrong with one of your electronics, try some troubleshooting first before giving up on it and tossing it away.

You may be surprised at what kind of results you get when you really put some effort into repairing your stuff. If you liked my post, check out my page for more advice and information on gadgets!

I'm a Professional Content Writer on and willing to write Articles on Technology-based Items. Writing basically is not my job but I consider it as my hobby and passion. I have been working as a Content writer for quite some time.
I'm a Professional Content Writer on and willing to write Articles on Technology-based Items. Writing basically is not my job but I consider it as my hobby and passion. I have been working as a Content writer for quite some time.

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