JLab Right or Left Earbud Not Working: 6 Solutions

One side of the headphones not working is one of the most common issues. Many of the JLab users complain that their right or left earbud is not working.

This problem is caused by a number of reasons such as wrong initial setup, pairing issues, battery drainage, or finally the hardware fault.

Hence, we need to try some troubleshooting methods. This article lists quick and easy ways to fix your JLab earbuds.

JLab Right or Left Earbud Not Working

Whether your right or left earbud is not working, follow this guide in both cases. Moreover, these solutions also work for all models of the JLab earbuds.

1. Reset the Troubling Earbud

Reset the earbud that is not working. The reset method may vary across various JLab versions. However, this method is common for all;

  1. Take out both earbuds from the case, turn OFF Bluetooth on all nearby devices.
  2. Turn the earbuds OFF manually by holding the touch sensor for a few seconds.
  3. Now, touch and hold both earbuds until the light indicator comes ON.
  4. Release the working earbud at this point but keep on holding the non-working for a few more seconds.
  5. You can release the hold when the earbud starts blinking blue or white.
  6. If this does not help then move on to the next solution.

2. Reset Both Earbuds

The first and most effective trick is to reset both of your JLab earbuds. Carefully follow all the steps mentioned here;

  1. Turn OFF both earbuds and put them in the charging case with the lid open.
  2. Now, go to Settings>Bluetooth menu on your smartphone.
  3. Tap the name of your JLab earbuds and ‘forget’ them from the device. You will get the ‘Forget’, ‘Unpair’, ‘Disconnect’ or ‘Remove’ option depending on your phone model.
  4. Next, tap one of the earbuds quickly and repeatedly for 4-7 times or until it flashes blue 3 times.
  5. Repeat the same process with the other earbud while keeping both in the charging case.
  6. Take them out of the case and keep them two inches away from each other. Now, reconnect them with your mobile device.
  7. The reset method may be slightly different for various models of JLab earbuds.
  8. If this reset method does not work for you, visit the JLab website to find the exact way for your specific earbuds.

3. Recharge the Troubling Earbud

Recharge the earbud which is not working. Because it may have not received proper charging. While charging, you should make sure that the earbud is touching the contact point firmly.

Sometimes, it happens that the earbud is not placed at a right angle in the case. So, it fails to charge enough. Follow the charging instructions correctly.

Put the earbud in the charging case, close the lid and let it charge for 30 minutes. After that, try to turn it ON, pair both buds with your Bluetooth device.

A user told a unique trick that solved the problem. Suppose your left earbud is not working, put it in place of the right earbud in the charging case.

Spin it and try to fit in the place. Keep it there for some time and then put it back in its correct place. It will start charging and possibly will come back to life.

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4. Clean the Earbuds

In case, the left or right earbud is turned ON but not giving sound, something has blocked the speakers. So, the device needs to clean thoroughly.

A simple cleaning method is to use a soft-bristled, clean, and brand new toothbrush, paintbrush, or makeup brush. Move it gently over the speaker grill to wipe the dust.

Another trick is to suck the faulty earbud. This method is very useful and helped many users. The logic behind it is that your earbuds catch earwax.

Over time, it gathers inside and blocks the sound. So, sucking can remove the wax.

Also, clean the contact points and charging ports on the case. Because they too are vulnerable to dirt and debris.

5. Check for the Physical Damage

Resetting and recharging must solve the issue. However, if still right or left earbud is not working, it is indicating physical damage.

Either you have dropped them on the floor or in water. Dropping on the hard surface can cause damage to the delicate components.

They lose connection with each other. Tap your earbud gently with one finger, it can help reconnect the components.

Many users found this trick in reviving the lost connection and their device started working.

While water and moisture also ruin your device. It usually happens when you hold your earbuds with wet hands or put them in wet ears.

If it has contacted water, dry your earbud fully. Wrap the earbud in a soft cloth and keep it in sunlight for some time.

Putting the earbud in a jar of silica gel for 12 hours or overnight is a very useful trick. After that, check whether it is working or not.

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6. Contact the Manufacturer

The solutions are given in this guide promise to solve the issue. However, if your earbuds are physically damaged or have defective hardware, consult the manufacturer.

But, the damage should not be on your part instead of a manufacturing fault. Ask for repair or replacement if the earbuds are under warranty.

If you accidentally damaged your earbuds then consult a local technician to repair them. If the repair cost is too high, you can consider purchasing the new JLab earbuds.

We hope, this guide helped you fix your JLab right or left earbud that is not working. Stay connected and keep giving us your feedback.

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