Fix Denon AVR 1912 Subwoofer Not Working

Denon AVR-1912 is a Channel Network Streaming AV Receiver. A network-ready A/V receiver that allows you to immerse yourself in 7 channels.

This can surround sound for your movies, music, and games with 90 watts of power per channel. It’s a seven-channel amplifier with 90W of discrete amplification per channel.

It is really frustrating when you come to know that Denon AVR 1912 is not working with Subwoofer. The sound is not coming from the subwoofer.

How to Fix Denon AVR 1912 Subwoofer Not Working

We check here and take some initial steps to fix the issue, if the issue is not resolved then we go for troubleshooting.

  • Need to check the receiver is plugged in the active power socket
  • Make sure you turn on the socket
  • If not working change the power socket
  • Turn on your Denon subwoofer
  • Increase the volume level on the subwoofer and fix it in the middle
  • Must check your HDMI cable is in good condition, not damaged
  • Confirm to check both ends that the HDMI cable is firmly connected
  • The loose connection is also the reason the subwoofer does not workDenon AVR 1912 Subwoofer Not Working

Above mentioned are some initial checks to solve the Denon AVR 1912 Subwoofer Not Working issue. Hopefully, your will find and fix your issue.

Troubleshoot Denon AVR 1912 Subwoofer Not Working

  • Select low range signals to reproduce by the subwoofer
  • LFE: The low range signal of the channel is set to Small speaker size and add to the LFE signal output from the subwoofer
  • LFE+Main: The low range signal of all channels is added to the LFE the signal output from the subwoofer
  • Subwoofer Mode can be set when Speaker Config
  • Subwoofer set to Yes
  • Play music or a movie source and select the mode offering the strongest bass
  • Select  LFE+Main if you want the bass signals to always be produced from the subwoofer
  • Front and  Center” for  Speaker Config  set to “Large”, and “Subwoofer Mode” is set to LFE
  • No sound may be output from the subwoofers, depending on the input signal or selected surround mode
    LPF for LFE
  • Select LFE signal playback range

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Final Words 

We provide you with detailed procedures to check and fix the issue of the Denon AVR 1912 Subwoofer Not Working.

If you have bought a new Denon AVR 1912 Subwoofer or receiver you will get the product manual with it.  You need to read the manual carefully.

You find all these steps a little lengthy and difficult, but I assure you to follow all the instructions and solve your issue with the subwoofer.

We do hope, you will take full advantage of this article and fix your Denon AVR 1912 Subwoofer Not Working issue. If the issue still exists you need to contact a technician to fix this for you.