Fix Dash Cam not Recognizing SD Card

Dash Cam is a digital video camera that is connected to your dashboard and records your entire journey while you are driving or turning on.

It might not seem like a huge deal to you. I mean, how difficult could it be to simply insert a new SD card? Dash cameras aren’t supposed to work like that.

Memory cards are used to store footage from dash cams. It’s a crucial component that can be one of your most essential allies when it comes to ensuring that you have increased footage when you most need.


While the Dash Cam is still operational, plug and unplug the micro SD card

  • Before turning off the Dash Cam, do not plug or unplug the memory card. Make sure the memory card is turned off before plugging or unplugging it.

The Dash Cam will read and write data to the micro SD card indefinitely once it is turned on. In most cases, the micro SD card will not be burned out if it is used ordinarily without even being plugged in or unplugged while performing.

There are issues with the Dash Cam device

  • If the micro SD card is consistently burned out, the dashcam is most likely malfunctioning.
  • It could be an error with the power source (destruction to the internal battery or huge capacitor of the Dash Cam). Dash Cam not Recognizing SD Card

The micro SD card has reached the end of its lifespan

  • If you’ve had your dashcam micro SD card for a long time (over 3 years), it’s feasible that the card’s life has come to an end.
  • The micro SD card is a perishable item with limited read and writes times.


How to Repair a Memory Card Error in a Dashcam

Here are a few solutions for resolving the memory card full issue on a dashcam. You’ll be able to solve the memory card problem troubles if you follow them one by one. When all of the data has been retrieved, you can proceed to the next step in resolving the Dash Cam SD card entire difficulty.

From the dashcam, format the SD card

  • Connect the Dash Cam SD card to the PC first.
  • Then, in Windows File Explorer, look for the entire SD card, right-click on it, and select Format.
  • The file system must be configured to NTFS in this case. Then, if you’re satisfied you would like to format your SD card, press OK.
  • A C10 high-speed card is recommended for the Dash Cam.

Since this  Dash Cam must read and write data quickly while recording photos if the memory card does not fulfill the requirements, the video will be distorted or not recorded at all. The maximum writing speed of a Class10 TF card is 10MB/S.

  • When the Dash Cam damages the TF card whilst under warranty, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer’s after-sales assistance.
  • It is suggested that you choose a quality-assured dashboard camera from a well-known manufacturer.
  • If the micro SD card is defective, try resetting the Dash Cam to default settings first, then cleaning the micro SD card.
  • Whether you’re having trouble formatting the micro SD card on the Dash Cam, take it to your computer and try again.
  • On the condition that the problem persists, the micro SD card might need to be updated.
  • Furthermore, any time you remove videos from an SD card using a computer, make sure the files are also deleted completely from the trash.
  • Moreover, just see if any loop recorder is enabled, and if it is, try changing the loop time.
  • It’s also a great thing to enable loop recording so the dashcam will work effectively and all old data will be removed immediately.
  • If you don’t activate this, you’ll always be notified that your SD card is full. Besides, to eliminate dashcam SD card errors, you can restrict the video clip size to 3 or 5 minutes.

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Anyone wants their data to be lost at any cost from any backup system, regardless of type. However, every now and again, an unanticipated error happens, resulting in a vexing predicament.

Memory card full fault in a dashcam is a major problem that should be resolved right away. So that you don’t have to deal with it now.

I’ve attempted to cover all possible solutions to the “Dash cam claiming SD card not recognizing. I hope that following the steps will help you overcome the trouble.


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