Fix Cuisinart Coffee maker Stops Brewing Middle Cycle

While Cuisinart coffee makers are some of the most popular on the market.  This doesn’t mean that they’re completely free from issues like not brewing in the middle of a cycle or not brewing at all.

If you’re experiencing either of these problems with your Cuisinart, You might be able to fix it yourself with some basic troubleshooting tips and replacement parts available from Cuisinart or at your local hardware store.

Plus, if you’re still having issues after you try these tips, it may be time to buy a new machine altogether.

One of the most common problems that cause Cuisinart coffee makers to stop working mid-cycle is build-up within or on top of your coffee machine.

For example, hard mineral deposits can build up inside your machine blocking water from entering any further than it already has.

 Cuisinart Coffee maker Stops Brewing Middle Cycle


If you’re getting half a pot of coffee, there are two potential causes:

  • your Cuisinart isn’t primed or your Cuisinart has an obstruction.
  • If it isn’t primed, then pressing Brew will only result in hot water because it won’t pressurize.
  • To remedy this problem, first, empty out any remaining water from your pot and run one cycle with no coffee grounds.
  • Then add in new grounds and start again.
  • If you have an obstruction, however, then your brewer might not get to pressurizing at all.
  • And that means no matter how many times you hit brew, nothing will happen.
  • In either case, if you aren’t seeing coffee come out after several minutes of brewing time.
  • Or if your brewer is just making noise but not producing anything.
  • Then take a look inside to see what might be causing problems.

Solutions to common causes

Maybe you have been surprised by the Cuisinart coffee maker stops brewing in the middle cycle after waking up. Here are several solutions and fixes on how to fix it yourself with easy steps:
  • For Cuisinart single-cup brewing systems, you may need to troubleshoot.
  • With Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12 Cup programmable coffeemaker.
  • Which could also be abbreviated as Cuisinart DCC.
  • There are various factors that make your coffee maker stop brewing after waking up at night or during daytime hours.
  • These methods are used by professional technicians so they can solve problems with other products quickly.
  • However, they cannot apply all methods to Cuisinart coffee makers since some models use different parts than others do.


This problem is caused by a few things but not limited to:

  • Improper cleaning, clogged water filter, clogged brew basket filter screen and thermal carafe lid has not closed properly.
  • If your Cuisinart coffee maker is having trouble brewing properly.
  • Chances are it has to do with one of these common causes.
  • The solution is to clean out your coffee maker and make sure you’re using proper water temperature.
  • Let’s go over how to troubleshoot each problem so you can fix your Cuisinart coffee maker before calling customer service.

How to fix it?

There are several causes why Cuisinart coffee maker stops brewing middle cycle.

Most often, it is caused by excessive calcium deposits inside your brewer’s water supply system. If you want to fix your Cuisinart coffee maker, here are some quick solutions:

  • Clean and descale your brewer immediately.

Follow these steps

  • Remove brewer’s carafe before running a cleaning cycle, as it might get damaged due to hot water.
  • In order to clean your machine thoroughly, use an automatic cleaner or vinegar solution.
  • After that, rinse all parts with clean water until they dry completely.
  • Run another brew cycle with plain water only (no coffee grounds).
  • This way you will flush out all traces of vinegar from your machine.
  • Repeat step 2-3 until there is no more white residue left in your brewer’s reservoir.
  • Add one tablespoon of vinegar for every two cups of water into your brewer’s reservoir.
  • Set timer for 24 hours, so vinegar can dissolve any residual scale build up in your machine.
  • When done, run another brew cycle using plain water only.
  • Do not add any coffee grounds during that time.
  • Once again, repeat steps 2-4 until there is no more white residue left in your brewer’s reservoir.
  • Add one tablespoon of baking soda for every two cups of water into your brewer’s reservoir.

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If you’re tired of your Cuisinart coffee maker stopping brewing mid-cycle, it may be time to pull out your owner’s manual and give it a thorough read.

From doing just that, I have discovered many causes for this issue. In fact, with my new knowledge,

I think that it might be possible to fix most Cuisinart coffee makers that are suffering from starting and stopping issues.

So if you’ve ever been frustrated by your Cuisinart coffee maker not working correctly, then keep reading.

We will take a look at some common causes of starting and stopping problems as well as how to solve them.

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