Fix Bengoo Headset Mic Not Working

Mic and headphones problems are very prevalent. If your Bengoo headset Mic is not working then no need to worry. Remedy to fix this issue is much easier than you think.

Filth and lint sometimes are the main causes of the mic not working properly. You really need to keep your headphone from hygiene, so they can work for a long time.

Initial Check

  • Firstly, you need to check the mute button of your device
  • Check your mic or headset is connected properly with your device
  • You need to make sure that your mic is set as a default recording device
  • Next, you go to the Control panel and click “Sound”
  • Go to device properties or setting and select the level tabs too high

You need to do all these initial checks for your device and then check if your mic is working or not. Must check the voice output to make sure it’s working.

If you still find issues with your mic, you need to use some beneficial hacks to solve this issue as soon as possible.

Bengoo Headset Mic Not Working

Hacks to Resolve Mic Issue

  • You should download, install a valid and appropriate audio driver, then restart your computer or device
  • Allow all the applications to access your mic will help to deliver your voice to another party
  • Need to check your mic is enabled, or it is not deactivated for any reason
  • Get a small piece of cotton, soak in isopropyl for a few minutes and clean your head jack
  • You need to check that your device is compatible with this mic
  • If you are using the mic on the computer then you need to check that Windows is supporting this mic

Hopefully, you resolve your issue by using these hacks at home, and your Bengoo Headset mic starts working properly. You can solve the issues in less time only you need to figure out the problem.

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Final Conclusion

After Preceding all the troubleshooting and tips you ensure that your headphone’s mic is working properly. Sometimes you can find problems from the above-mentioned issues.

Some of the mics are built-in to use with the same computer or device, to establish voice conversation. That kind of mic has trouble with connecting to other devices.

But for sure you will find a solution here in this article to fix the issue of your Bengoo headset mic not working properly. We will be happy if this article will help you in some sort.