Fix Eufy Vacuum Not Turning On

If you are using a Eufy vacuum, you may have noticed that the device suddenly stopped. Turning on, or has stopped running altogether. This can be frustrating and perplexing, especially when you depend on your vacuum to remove dirt and debris from your home.

Fortunately, there are several causes of this problem and some solutions that will get your Eufy vacuum up and running again so you can clean up the mess around your house once more.

Eufy has stopped turning on can be caused by a number of issues, both technical and non-technical in nature. Most problems occur with electrical appliances and devices that have computer components.

Meaning they’re susceptible to damage and malfunctions just like other electronic devices are. But unlike your smartphone or laptop, these mini appliances tend to break down without warning.

So how do you fix eufy not turning on? Here are some common causes for eufy not turning on issues, as well as solutions for each one.

 Eufy Vacuum Not Turning On

Causes of Eufy Not Turning On

There are many factors that can cause a smartphone to cease functioning properly.

  • Issues with charging, slow performance, and apps that don’t open can all be caused by one or more of these factors.
  • If your phone isn’t turning on, here are some common causes to consider.
  • Before you start diagnosing what is causing eufy not turning on, it is best to make sure there is no debris in any of your ports or vents.
  • It is also important to note that sometimes simply restarting your device will resolve any issues you may have been experiencing.
  • This simple solution could save you from unnecessary troubleshooting steps.
  • Restarting a smartphone only takes a few seconds but it could solve problems that may otherwise take hours to figure out.

Fixing it

There are several possible causes to an Eufy vacuum not turning on, but we’ll start with a simple fix:

  • Make sure it has electricity.
  • Yep, it’s really that simple, just plug it in and wait a few minutes.
  • Many of these devices will not turn on when plugged into a power strip or extension cord.
  • They have to be plugged directly into a wall outlet for them to work properly.
  • If you’ve confirmed your device is getting power, continue reading for more possible causes.
  • If you still can’t get your device working after following these steps, you may need to contact customer service (find their number on their website).

What went wrong?

  • Before trying to fix your Eufy vacuum, you should try plugging it in somewhere else (in case there’s a problem with your wall outlet).
  • If you still can’t get it to turn on, check these common causes: · Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.
  • On condition that, you have an outlet tester at home, use it to see if anything is wrong with your power source.
  • If not, call an electrician to take care of it for you. · Bad cord.
  • This may be caused by a frayed wire inside the cord that has broken and needs replacing.
  • You could also consider buying a new cord altogether and splicing it into place of your old one.

Solution – Resetting The Device

There are two basic ways to reset an Eufy device, with their own unique benefits:

rebooting, and Factory Resetting

If your Eufy has stopped turning on but you still can’t pinpoint what caused it. We recommend trying both methods in order to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.
  • We’ll go over both below, so keep reading if you want to get back up and running.
  • Rebooting is useful when troubleshooting minor glitches that aren’t caused by a power outage.
  • Or another software problem, like losing Wi-Fi signal or battery drain.
  • Factory Resetting allows you to delete personal information from a user account, like contacts or saved passwords, and it doesn’t erase any other data.

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Electrical problems are notoriously difficult to troubleshoot, but fortunately, there’s a good chance that your solution is just a simple switch or connection away.

Hopefully, these quick fixes will get you back on track in no time, and save you from paying an expensive electrician. If these quick fixes don’t solve your problem.

It might be time to bring in an expert to look at your equipment for a more thorough fix. For example, if you have not used your Eufy vacuum cleaner for some time and now find that it has stopped turning on.

Then check all of its electrical connections and make sure they are tight before attempting any further repairs. Also, try plugging into another outlet as sometimes outlets can become loose over time and cause issues with electrical devices.

Also, check to see if any wires have been damaged by rodents or insects. Which can cause short circuits within electrical appliances causing them to stop working properly.