How To Turn ON Klipsch Soundbar Without Remote

Klipsch Soundbars are famous for their excellent quality of sound, Most of the products like soundbars connect wirelessly and come with remote control.

If you lost the Klipsch Soundbar remote in your house and did not find it, sometimes kids put the remote somewhere so hard to find and you think it is lost.

Now you look worried about what to do and how to turn on the Klipsch Soundbar without a Remote. We discuss here plenty of ways to use it without a remote.

How to Turn On Klipsch Soundbar

Here we check some steps to turn on your Klipsch soundbar without a remote:

  • Luckily Klipsch Soundbar comes with a start button on the backside
  • Plugin the soundbar to the power connection and turn that button on
  • Allow your TV and phones to connect to Soundbar
  • Control it from your device remoteTurn ON Klipsch Soundbar Without Remote

 Pair your Smartphone to Klipsch Soundbar

You know we use Andriod phones and iPhones in our daily life so we give some instructions about how to connect and pair Soundbar with these devices.

  • Connect  Soundbar with iPhone

  1. Go to the “Setting” of your phone
  2. Find and Select “Bluetooth”
  3. Select your Soundbar there
  • Connect  Soundbar with Andriod:

  1. Go to “Settings” and find Bluetooth Option
  2. Open Bluetooth and search “Available Devices”
  3. You will see your soundbar there and Select Klipsch Soundbar

Need to remember

  • Only one Bluetooth device will connect at a time, cannot connect 2 devices
  • Need to make sure your both Devices are in the range
  • If you are Pairing first time make it closer to each other
  • Confirm that your Soundbar is not connected to another device already

Reset your Klipsch Soundbar

When you do everything and Klipsch Soundbar is not allowing you to connect with your device or find problems in pairing devices, need to do some reset to the soundbar:

  • Unplug the soundbar from the power connector
  • Disconnect the Audio Cables
  • Plugin the Soundbar again and turn it on
  • Hold the mute and volume down button until you see the Red light flashes
  • Turn it OFF and ON again

By doing this you reset your Klipsch soundbar to factory settings. Hopefully, your devices will connect and pair with the soundbar easily.

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Final Conclusion

Now here we find out that if you misplace your Soundbar remote and worrying how to turn on your Klipsch Soundbar without a remote.

Above mentioned all the methods are helpful to use Klipsch Soundbar without remote and you can enjoy music with excellent bass and subwoofers in the room.

In this article, we have shown you some easy steps to turn on your Klipsch Soundbar without a remote. Connect with your phone or other devices and use it.

There is no need to hassle yourself to buy a new remote on the spot. It is easy to turn on your soundbar and use it with other devices easily.

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