Fix Roomba Vacuum Not Charging

When the battery of your iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner stops charging properly, there are a few things you can do to get it working again.

I also faced the problem before, then after surfing the internet and trying various fixes, I was finally able to solve the problem.

First, take a look at the charger to see if it seems damaged in any way. If there’s something wrong with the battery charger, it will be very apparent right away when you look at it closely.

Next, check the charging port on your Roomba vacuum to make sure that it isn’t bent or broken in any way either.

Restart your Roomba

With Roombas, you may sometimes have to simply restart it. If your battery dies and then you try to charge it when you notice it’s not cleaning, turn off your robot vacuum, unplug its charger and wait for a few minutes.

Plugin your robot vacuum’s charging station again, making sure it clicks into place correctly. Then, turn on your robot vacuum and see if that will get it going.

This can be done with most iRobot vacuums that use a removable battery.

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Check Batteries

One of those things that we tend to take for granted is that batteries will always have some power in them.

In a smart home where even your doorbell can be controlled wirelessly, it can be easy to forget about our most trusted devices when a simple power source goes out.

If you’re having trouble charging your robot vacuum, check its batteries first. You may find that it doesn’t need charging—it just needs new ones!

Replace Batteries

If your Roomba is still not working, it could be that your batteries are simply old and need to be replaced. It’s important to note that, while newer models will work with off-brand rechargeable batteries, older models require specific batteries.

If you have an older model of iRobot vacuum, make sure to check your user manual for brand recommendations.

However, even if you have an old model and want to save money by using off-brand rechargeable battery packs—make sure they can handle a voltage of 14.4 volts or more.

Replace Charger

Check to see if there is a loose connection at either end of your charger. In case you find one, try wiggling it and retrying. If that doesn’t work, try using another wall outlet.

If that doesn’t work, replace your charger with a new one—this process can be tricky and may involve opening up some parts of your Roomba, but it’s worth trying if you have no other options.

Create a new account

Most user manuals instruct users to create a new account to connect with their product. It’s easy to forget (or ignore) these instructions.

That often leads people in need of help troubleshooting products to turn elsewhere for answers.

By setting up an account in advance, you can make sure your question will get answered promptly and correctly.

Creating an account is also a good way to take care of additional setup or configuration issues that may come up down the road.

Whether your question is about setup, compatibility, connectivity, or another related issue, creating an account ahead of time allows you to find answers. Then get back up and running quickly.


Reset your Wi-Fi

If your charging station isn’t responding, try resetting your Wi-Fi. You can usually do so through your iRobot app. Open the app, tap Menu, and select Settings > Connected Home.

From there, you can tap Forget Wi-Fi Network and rejoin your network.

If that doesn’t work for some reason (perhaps if you don’t have an iRobot account?), connect directly to your charger using an Ethernet cable.

Then update its firmware by following these instructions. Once updated, reset it again over Wi-Fi or ethernet and all should be well once more.

Reset your Settings

If your robot isn’t charging, it might be necessary to reset your vacuum’s settings. With most robot vacuums, you can access a reset option by pressing a specific button or a combination of buttons.

This will often return your vacuum to its original factory default settings, which should solve your problem.

You can find instructions for how to do so on iRobot’s website or on Amazon’s page for individual robot vacuums.

If you’re still having trouble after resetting your device’s settings, there are also several software programs out there that offer in-depth help troubleshooting various charging problems.

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Watch the video to solve Roomba vacuum not charging


In conclusion, I feel that you should keep your vacuum cleaner plugged in so it can charge all day. Do this every day if you want to solve the problem of Roomba Vacuum Not Charging.

If that’s not possible, it’s best to vacuum before you go to work or to bed. You can also contact their support page.

That way, when you wake up or come home from work, your vacuum will be fully charged and ready for any messes that happen during those time periods.

Hopefully, these tips help with whatever issues you have been having with your vacuum cleaning robot.

I'm a Professional Content Writer on and willing to write Articles on Technology-based Items. Writing basically is not my job but I consider it as my hobby and passion. I have been working as a Content writer for quite some time.
I'm a Professional Content Writer on and willing to write Articles on Technology-based Items. Writing basically is not my job but I consider it as my hobby and passion. I have been working as a Content writer for quite some time.

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