How to Fix Ninja Coffee Maker Brew Light Blinking

The Ninja coffee maker is one of the most advanced machines in the market. However, sometimes, it can pose minor issues such as the brew light blinking. Resultantly, you cannot enjoy your cup of coffee despite the immediate desire. Although it is a matter of concern yet the problem is fixable. This guide will suggest you some quick and easy solutions to fix your machine.

What does Brew Light Indicate?

Basically, the brew light is an indicator of the coffee making process. When the machine is brewing the coffee, the light remains ON. It goes OFF when the brewing is completed. However, a blinking brew light refers to some underlying issue. It tells you that your machine is not working properly and needs a check up.

Why Brew Light is Blinking?

Several reasons define why the brew light is blinking. Mostly, it is an underlying problem with the machine. Some of the common causes are as follows;

  • A temporary interruption in the brewing process
  • Insufficient water level or a fault in the water reservoir
  • Improperly installed, dirty, or malfunctioning filter
  • Clogged water line
  • Misaligned ground basket
  • Defective sensors or hardware components

Ninja Coffee Maker Brew Light Blinking

How to Fix the Blinking Brew Light on Ninja Coffee Maker?

After knowing the causes, you can now fix your machine. A number of potential remedies can be applied as quick solutions. Let us understand each troubleshooting step in detail.

1. Reset Your Ninja

Your first step should be applying a reset on your coffee maker. It will remove any software glitches or temporary issues. Follow these steps to reset your machine;

  1. Turn OFF your Ninja and disconnect it from the wall power outlet.
  2. Empty the machine, take out the water reservoir, and remove coffee pods from the brew basket.
  3. Now, hold down the “Power” button for 5 seconds.
  4. After 5 minutes, plug the machine into the power source and turn it ON.

2. Clean Your Machine

If the reset does not work, you should run a cleaning cycle. Observe the “Clean” light, is it ON? If yes, your machine is not working properly as it is dirty. Follow these instructions to run a clean cycle;

  1. Empty the machine, and remove the water and coffee grounds.
  2. Now, take a cup full of vinegar and pour it into the water reservoir. Add some water to fill the tank.
  3. Press the “Clean” button and let it do its work.
  4. Leave the liquid inside your coffee maker for 30-60 minutes.
  5. After that, rinse it with fresh water and make a cup of coffee.
  6. You can also clean the machine manually. Use mild detergent and a soft damp cloth. Thoroughly clean the brew basket, drip tray, and other removable parts.

3. Examine the Water Reservoir

Any issue with the water reservoir also leads to a blinking brew light. For example, cracks, leaks or damages are the cause. Hence, examine the reservoir thoroughly from all sides. Another reason is that the reservoir is not properly installed or seated. So, you have to check this part;

  1. Turn OFF your coffee machine and disconnect it from the power source.
  2. Reach the water reservoir that is located at the back or side of the machine.
  3. Lift the tank straight up and take it out.
  4. Check the rubber gasket and seal to ensure proper functioning.
  5. Also, inspect its base and the area where it sits. Clean the place to remove any debris or obstructions.
  6. Finally, place the reservoir back and align it properly. You should hear a click sound if the reservoir successfully locks in its correct slot.

4. Ensure Proper Water Level

Insufficient water in the reservoir can also lead to this issue. You should ensure that the water is filled according to the desired brew size. Check the water level indicator that is found on the side of the reservoir. Pour some clean and fresh water to reach the required level if it is low.

5. Inspect the Power Supply

Another potential cause is interruptions in the power supply. Maybe the wall outlet is faulty and cannot deliver enough current. Likewise, the current fluctuations or power surges might be happening. Therefore, your machine is blinking the brew light but is not working. So, inspect the power source and make sure it is working well. Plug your Ninja coffee maker into a different outlet. Reset the circuit breaker or the power strip. Another tip is to connect the machine directly to the power source instead of using an extension cord.

6.Placement of Coffee Grounds

Ensure that coffee grounds are correctly arranged in the filter and the filter is also secured in its own place. Their placement holds an important part in brewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some important questions to give your more information about your Ninja coffee maker and its functioning.

What to do if the “Clean” light is blinking on my Ninja coffee maker?

Usually, it is due to an incomplete cleaning or descaling process. The impurities of water build up inside the machine and interrupt the brewing process. So, your machine needs some extra cleaning. Descale it two or more times and the light will turn OFF.

Why Ninja coffee maker is beeping instead of brewing?

Check the drip stop valve under the brew basket. It may be closed and coffee cannot come out. Therefore, the machine is beeping and instructing you to open the drip stop. Move it to the open position and let the coffee dispense.

How much time Ninja coffee maker takes for the brewing process?

Generally, the brew time depends on the size of the cup. Usually, Ninja machines take 10-15 minutes to prepare your coffee. Strong cups may take more time. While the average time is 10 minutes for a cup.

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Concluding Thoughts

The Ninja coffee maker brew light blinking is not a grave issue. It is a very common problem but does not mean your machine is expired. With a little effort, you can fix this problem. Just follow all the remedies mentioned in this guide and fix your appliance within no time.

Hi, I'm Noor Alam, Founder of I'm naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets and Love to solve different problems regarding these gadgets. I will share information with you on how to fix different old devices and how to find the best products. You'll find great help from my research and experience.
Hi, I'm Noor Alam, Founder of I'm naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets and Love to solve different problems regarding these gadgets. I will share information with you on how to fix different old devices and how to find the best products. You'll find great help from my research and experience.