Fix HyperX NGenuity Not Detecting Mouse

You’ve just gotten your brand new HyperX NGenuity gaming mouse and you can’t wait to start using it, but when you plug it in, your PC doesn’t recognize the device.

You think that perhaps you need to restart your computer and try again.

The mouse still doesn’t work, so you start looking online for answers and finally discover that HyperX NGenuity has problems detecting mice on some computers.

Here are a few possible solutions to help you solve this problem once and for all.

Test your mouse

Before you can fix HyperX NGenuity not detecting the mouse, you have to test whether it is actually working.

Plug your mouse into another port on your computer and see if that works; if it does, then there’s no need to continue troubleshooting or try to fix HyperX NGenuity not detecting the mouse.

If it doesn’t work in any other port, then there’s a problem with your USB hub or USB controller. (Test another device in that port as well.)

The easiest thing to do here is to use a different computer and plug your mouse directly into that port—if it works, then you know you’re dealing with an issue on your computer.

You may also want to take out all of your USB devices one by one and plug them into another machine.

HyperX NGenuity Not Detecting Mouse

Install the latest drivers

Make sure you have installed all relevant drivers for your mouse by going to the device manager. If not, then right-click on each device and search for drivers.

It is possible that a new update has been released which may fix issues with HyperX NGenuity. Be sure to also check here for available updates.

If there is no update available, make sure you are running Windows 10/8/7 x64 with .NET Framework 4.0 or above installed on your PC.

Download & install the latest version of HXNGenuity from the official website. Launch it again and see if it detects your mouse now. Good luck!

Reset USB port

Press and hold down your computer’s delete or backspace key (or a different key if your keyboard doesn’t have one of these). Press it again every few seconds until Windows detects new hardware.

Your USB port may be unplugged, broken, or physically damaged. If your computer still can’t detect a USB device after you’ve reset it, you may need to replace or repair it.

Scan for viruses

You may want to scan your computer for viruses or malware before you start working. Your mouse isn’t being detected because a virus is preventing your computer from communicating with it properly.

Go to Windows Defender and run a full system scan to fix any issues that might be causing your mouse not to work. (If you don’t have Windows Defender, go get it here.) Restart your computer and your mouse should be back up and running properly.

Check the mouse after doing it and hopefully, it may start working.

Test the Mouse with a different computer if possible

Before going to any other troubleshooting steps, you should try plugging your mouse into a different computer.

If your mouse works fine on another computer, then there’s an issue with your PC and not with your mouse or operating system. Try booting into Safe Mode (press F8 while booting) and see if you can get it working that way.

If you do not get the mouse working properly again, try using a different USB port for your mouse as some motherboards don’t support all of them equally well.

Change the USB port

Sometimes your PC won’t detect your mouse. Sometimes you don’t have a USB port available. Whether you’re using Mac or Windows, make sure to check that your USB cable is plugged in tightly and into a USB port on your computer.

It should not be connected to a USB hub or adapter. If you are using an external mouse, try plugging it directly into one of your computer’s internal ports if possible (don’t use a hub).

If that still doesn’t work, change to another free USB port on your machine. Sometimes plugging and unplugging things will solve any driver issues as well—it worked for me once!

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The mouse is not detected by HyperX Ngenuity. Run setup and see if you can detect your mouse after that. If you still don’t see your mouse, restart your computer. After that, you need to follow the instructions mentioned above in the article.

Hopefully, you will be able to connect your mouse again and it will be working absolutely fine again and you will be able to do your tasks without any problem. If you still do not get your mouse connected, you can go to HyperX NGenuity’s website.

I'm a Professional Content Writer on and willing to write Articles on Technology-based Items. Writing basically is not my job but I consider it as my hobby and passion. I have been working as a Content writer for quite some time.
I'm a Professional Content Writer on and willing to write Articles on Technology-based Items. Writing basically is not my job but I consider it as my hobby and passion. I have been working as a Content writer for quite some time.

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