Fix HEOS Unable to Play Media-A Quick Guide

The HEOS multiroom system together with the DENON speakers is capable of the best quality sound. It includes a more accurate and pleasant sound.

Its settings are very simple, you can find and connect to devices very quickly, and its features are really impressive.

Whenever you play music from your phone to Heos enabled Denon receiver, you get an error message saying “unable to play media try again later”.

Why HEOS App is Not Working

First, we need to do a random check on why your HEOS App is not working. Here, we check and take some initial steps:

  • Close the HEOS app completely and restart it
  •  If you use a Wi-Fi connection between your HEOS device and the access point
  • The problem is intermittent
  • A reboot of the speaker or of the HEOS app may only solve the problem for a certain time onlyHEOS Unable to Play Media

HOW to Fix HEOS Unable To Play Media

Now in this section, we try to do troubleshooting to fix this issue of HEOS:

  • Check firmware updates for HEOS app and install if any update is available.
  • Uninstall the HEOS app and  re-install
  • Try to change the password and log in again
  • Reboot your router to re-establish the network connection
  • Unplug the HEOS system from power for 30 minutes and plug it back in
  • Try to reset the system using the Reset button found on the rear panel of the HEOS system
  • Reconnect the speaker by going to Add Device in the HEOS App

Reset the HEOS App

Now we learn how to reset the HEOS app as Default:

  • Open the HEOS App from the Music screen
  • Tap the Settings icon (Gear on the top left side of the screen)
  • Select Help from the options
  • Then  Reset Controller > Reset

Restart Your Mobile Device

The issue may be with your mobile device and not with the app or the sound system. Hence, you should restart your smartphone or iPhone on which the app is installed.

  1. Long press the Power button until the shutdown menu appears.
  2. Select “Restart” and then wait for the device to turn OFF and then ON automatically.
  3. Once done, open the app and check if it works or not.
  4. The restart process varies across different type of mobile devices. Hence, you should confirm the exact method.

Check the Media Compatibility

The music file you are trying to play may not be compatible or corrupted. Hence, HEOS is not playing it. Here is how do you check the compatibility:

  1. Open the HEOS app and click the “Settings”.
  2. Choose the “Media & Audio” tab and check all the things: File is downloaded, enabled, compatible and played.
  3. You need to check all the tabs and then play music again.
  4. Also, play multiple music files through your HEOS app to check if the issue is in a particular file.

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In this article, we described how you can fix HEOS Unable to Play Media issues. We provide some initial steps and methods of troubleshooting HEOS.

We have experienced that most of the time basic instructions solve the issue. As we mention unplugging the HEOS System or Re-install HEOS can solve the issue.

Follow the instructions given by the app while you are installing HEOS App, and always check the credentials at the time of logging in.

We do hope this article will help you to sort out the issue of HEOS Unable to Play Media, and you enjoy your music again.

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