How To Fix Elkay EZH2O Red Light Blinking

As we know that many people are suffering from this problem and they are unable to find the best solution to this problem now I will like to share my own experience with you on this topic. 

I hope that it will be very useful for all those who are facing such problems. And now I will talk about my own experience with you on this topic, which I hope will be very useful for all those who are facing such problems.

On Elkay ezh2o, When an unexpected water flow has been detected, you will notice that the filter light on your faucet is blinking RED. 

This tells you that there is a problem with your filtering system. (faucet) You need to figure out what’s wrong before it does serious damage to your filtration system. 

Thankfully, Elkay provides a troubleshooting guide with everything that you will need to resolve these issues effectively. 

The first thing we are going to look at is if there are any obstructions in our filtration system or not. To check for obstructions, open up your faucet’s spout and see if anything falls out of it. 

If something falls out then clean or replace whatever fell out of your faucet. They have made it so easy for you to follow their guidelines that even a child can do it! So let’s get started.

 Elkay EZH2O Red Light Blinking

Common Causes of Elkay ezh2o red light blinking

The main cause of the Elkay ezh2o red light blinking is a build-up of limescale in your dishwasher’s heating element, which then cuts off power to your Elkay ezh2o red light. 

The good news is that you can usually repair it yourself. Start by checking for limescale around your heating element by opening up your dishwasher and looking at the bottom of your tub for black spots. 

If you see any, remove them with a toothbrush or other small brush. Once all of the scales have been removed, run an empty cycle without any dishes or soap to clear out any leftover debris and grime. 

If your Elkay ezh2o red light still blinks after completing these steps, contact us at 1-800-624-4488 (1-800-ELKAY) so we can help diagnose and fix your problem.


My solution should first begin with a simple solution to identify if there is a problem by checking all relays. Relays are used in electrical circuits to selectively block or pass current. 

These systems can use electromechanical switches, solid-state devices, or even magnetic sensors in their operations. The cause was probably switched problem as my conclusion was that one of the components didn’t work properly because of something foreign object (water) on them.


So these relays failed to connect certain part of my circuit which cause the power light to blink.

 My solution is to clean each relay contact point using a cotton swab and alcohol spray. This will remove any dirt from the relay contacts point.

After doing the cleaning process I need to put some dielectric grease on each contact point, especially where I find it dirty. 

Then after putting dielectric grease on relay contacts. I need to wait for about 1 hour for the drying process and then test again but unfortunately still the same result no change at all.

How to Fix it

  • Firstly, you must unplug then plug it back in.
  • After you do that, wait a while longer until you notice that it is still blinking.
  • If it isn’t blinking anymore, your issue has been resolved.
  • If not, try resetting your faucet (this should only be done once).
  • Turn off your water to prevent flooding, then turn off both handles at your sink. Cover one hole with a rag for now.
  • Using an Allen wrench or hex key, remove all of your aerator screws from underneath.

Once they are removed, remove your aerator from under each handle. You will see two rubber gaskets inside of each aerator.

Remove these gaskets and put them on top of each other so they don’t get lost or damaged when reinstalling them later on. Replace your aerators by turning them clockwise onto their respective holes under each handle.

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The red light blinking means there is not enough water to cool down my Elkay Ezh2o red Light Blinking. My solution is that I need to add more water to my tank.

I will start with a bottle of water, If it works then well then I will go on filling up my tank.
But it still happens after adding 5 bottles of water, maybe it is time for me to call a plumber! This is what happens when you have black mold in your tank.

It grows and eats away at your pipes so they can’t function properly. As a result, you are left with no hot water or cold water at all. So be sure to get rid of any black mold before it causes damage to your pipes.