Fix Denon Subwoofer Pre-Out Not Working

Denon is one of the excellent manufacturers of Subwoofers and soundbars. Denon subwoofer connects to the soundbar and makes the sound deep and powerful with its bass.

Most of the Expensive Subwoofers come with the pre-out port. Denon subwoofer has the same pre-out port in it.

You can use subwoofer pre-out which have their own internal amplifier. It is very easy to connect your powered subwoofers to a pre-out.

Simply you can use an RCA-type input jack to connect from your receiver to your subwoofer.

Here we discuss if your Denon Subwoofer Pre-out is not working, then how to check and fix this issue in less time without panicking yourself.


How to Fix Denon Subwoofer Pre-Out Not Working

We try to give you some initial steps to check your subwoofer pre-out and fix it on your own with little effort.

  • Plug into a working 120v wall outletDenon Subwoofer Pre-Out Not Working
  1. The LED light on the subwoofer is ON
  2. Phase set to 0
  3. RCA plugged into LFE on the subwoofer and into Sub pre-out 1 on AVR
  4. Try  pre-out 2 port and plugin
  5. Make sure the Volume is in the 12:00 position
  6. Low Pass Filter is set to LFE
  7. Have tried setting the power switch from “Auto/Standby” to “ON”
  8. I’ve set the front and center speakers to “Small”
  9. Set the subwoofer to “Yes”
  10. Ran through the Audyssey setup
  • Change the RCA cable and connect with the new cable
  • Configure the settings of the receiver and reset again
  • Try your subwoofer to another receiver and check the sound
  • Must check the volume level on the receiver
  • Plugin the cable to the right labeled pre-out port
  • Disconnect the subwoofer from the receiver and wait for a few mins
  • Connect the subwoofer to the receiver and turn it on and check pre-out is working

Setting up your Denon pre-out will allow improving your home theater considerably. If you’re looking for creative ways to add to your speaker setup, utilizing pre-outs is a great option.

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Final Thoughts 

In this article, we shared with you some effective steps to fix your Denon Subwoofer Pre-out that is not working. You can follow all these steps and solve the issue of your sub-pre-out.

Hopefully, all your issues regarding pre-out have been answered in this article. With this help, you can configure the issue and sort it out successfully.

If you think the problem exists then you need to contact the manufacturer, or you can consult with the local professional to fix this issue for you.