Fix Boston Acoustics Subwoofer Not Working

Boston Acoustics Subwoofers are the best source of sound. It has a great experience to have this product at home for your home theater and cinema.

Boston Acoustics Subwoofers set a new standard for performance and value. Company engineers try to deliver the best possible performance in this price class.

Subwoofers and speakers of Boston Acoustics are ideal for home theater, and you also listen to music from other applications.

Unfortunately, you found that Boston Acoustics subwoofers are not working, with no sound coming out from it. No need to get aggressive and have patience.

If you think in your mind that this subwoofer is faulty and want to change it, before that we run through some quick steps to find a fault and fix it at home.

Boston Acoustics Subwoofer Not Working

How to Fix Boston Acoustics Subwoofers

Need to remember one thing when you start checking steps make sure all the types of equipment are turned OFF. We will not disconnect any cables when subwoofers are on.

  • We will start from the subwoofer, check all the cables are firmly connected/plugged to the right slots. Sometimes it happens that wires are wrongly plugged
  • When you do the wire check, make sure all the wires are in good condition, not torn, and not bruised from any side. If it is faulty, change the wire with a new one
  • Subwoofers have stand-by LED lights which shows that it is ON. If you do not see that light check the subwoofer is surely plugged into a wall socket
  • Sometimes one socket is faulty or fused, change the socket and check the LED light on the subwoofer
  • When you check all the cables and all looks good, then we need to check the menu setting of the receiver and amplifier
  • Check your subwoofer is linked correctly with the audio input and output selections. Must confirm that the output of the subwoofer has not been adjusted down
  • When you do all the needful checks and verify connections, turn on the subwoofer and check the volume level of the receiver and the amplifier 
  • Run a test, increase volume slowly up and check the sound is coming out from the subwoofer or not. With this, you can determine the sound as well

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Final Thoughts

Here we discuss all the methods to fix Boston Acoustics Subwoofer if it is not Working or has no sound. These all steps will be helpful for you to resolve no sound issue of your subwoofer.

If the subwoofer does not turn on or it shows power on but no sound, then maybe your subwoofer is defective. Best time to replace it with a good one.

This article will help you to find your answers to fix your Boston Acoustics Subwoofer at home by doing some initial steps at home.

Hopefully, you are happy to find this article helpful and the given instructions will help you to make it possible to hear the sound again from your Boston Acoustics Subwoofer.

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