How to Connect Earbuds to Each Other

Earbuds are tiny speakers or devices that you can wear inside your ears.  They’re useful for little devices at low volume. But loud music can also harm your eardrums.

Connect or Pair Earbuds with Each Other

You can connect or pair your earbuds to each other easily but first, you will need to pair them to your phone first. Take out the earbuds from the case. Hold down the buttons until they flash red then blue, turn them on at the same time.

Just double press a button on ONE earbud once both of them are flashing simultaneously. You will come to know it is connected with each other.

How to Connect Both Earbuds At The Same Time

  • Tune active can be connected to device 1 by connecting it to the device
  • The Bluetooth of device 1 needs to be turned off
  • You will be Incited to pair your neckband once you have restarted it
  • Tune Active can be connected to device 2 by connecting the two devices together
  • Bluetooth of device 1 needs to be turned on
  • Tune active is now connected to both devicesConnect Earbuds to Each Other

Earbuds Must be In Device Range

One thing we need to mention here is the answer to your question as well. When you are going to connect earbuds to your phone or each other, devices must be in range.

  • All your Bluetooth devices may not be able to connect if they are out of range or not in pairing mode
  • Rest your devices or have them forget the connection if you’re having continuous  Bluetooth  pairing problems

Pair Two Wireless Earbuds

Here we discuss how to pair Bluetooth headphones or speakers

  • Android users must go to Bluetooth Settings
  • Access the Advanced Settings section by clicking the three-dot icon on the right side
  • If it is not enabled, turn it on
  • With this users will be able to connect to two devices at the same time

Sync Earbuds Together

Sometimes wireless Earbuds can un-sync from one another, we tell you how to sync earbuds together:

  • Turned on Bluetooth, make sure you do so
  • Locate how your device is paired
  • The mode that can be turned on
  • Keep in mind that both devices are close enough
  • Turn OFF and ON each device
  • Make sure you have not connected to Bluetooth before
  • Full charge each device you are trying to pair with

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Earbuds are new innovation of this Era to listen to music or talk to your loved ones on phones. To avoid the wired headphone earbuds are easy to use in daily life.

We described various ways to connect the earbuds to each other and with your Bluetooth device easily in less time with little effort.

If you bought new Earbuds,  this article will help you to connect your Earbuds to each other. So you can enjoy and feel the difference between wireless earbuds.

There is no need to hire a technical guy to help you connect or pair your newly bought earbuds. This article is the proper guide for you.