Can You Plug A Coffee Maker Into A Power Strip-Answered

No doubt, a coffee maker is a wonderful machine. Since it is an electronic device, you should use it carefully. Many people ask if they can plug a coffee maker into a power strip.

According to experts, you should not do it. This mistake can lead to overloading and further hazards. But, why you should not plug the machine into the power strip?

Can You Plug A Coffee Maker Into A Power Strip-Answered

In this article, I will explain the reasons, hazards, and alternatives. I have gathered all the information after a lot of research and practical experience.

Unfortunately, I committed this blunder and caused damage to my electrical circuit. Therefore, I decided to guide you in this regard.

Why Coffee Maker Cannot Run with Power Strip?

Coffee makers require a high amount of power. The power strip cannot handle high voltage. When you plug the machine into it, the strip gets overloaded.

This causes overheating and the wires come in contact with hot metal. It can lead to a fire. In addition, your coffee machine can damage.

Therefore, you should avoid plugging your coffee machine into a power strip. Instead, you can use a dedicated outlet.

Small Coffee Makers Can Work with Power Strip

Coffee machines are available in different sizes. Some are used for professional coffee making. They are usually large machines requiring high voltage. While some machines are small such as Keurig.

They require less amount of power. Hence, you can plug a small coffee maker into a power strip. Use a 2 and 3-phase power strip that operates on a 220V household circuit.

Should I Use Surge Protector for Coffee Maker?

Surge protector saves your coffee maker from a power surge. It is essential for heavy appliances. Because a sudden power surge can damage your appliance.

An important part of the appliance blows out or is damaged entirely. Small electronic devices such as lamps, mobile phones, etc. can be plugged directly into the power outlet.

But, large appliances such as refrigerators, tea/coffee makers, TV, AC, dryer, washer, etc. should be connected to the surge protector. So, it is recommended to use surge protectors for your coffee machine.

How to Use Surge Protector?

You have to buy a surge protector plug. Place your coffee maker in your kitchen near an electric outlet. Plug the surge protector into the outlet. Then, plug the coffee maker into the surge protector.

It acts as a connection between the outlet and the machine. Just turn ON the switch and use your machine. You can also use Amazon Smart Plug if you have a smart coffee machine.

This plug will let your machine connect to Wifi. So, you can make a cup remotely. It also allows voice control. Moreover, this plug offers some more features.

FAQs About Coffee Maker

Following are some of the common questions most users ask. These queries will help you get further knowledge.

Can I plug my coffee maker into an extension cord?

It is not recommended to plug your coffee maker into an extension cord. Because the extension cords cannot handle high voltage. While the coffee machine requires a high amount of power. So, the extension can damage and even burn out. There is also a risk of fire hazards.

Can I leave my coffee maker plugged in all the time?

You should not leave your coffee maker plugged in all the time. This habit can lead to overheating and eventually a fire. So, you should not leave electrical appliances plugged in.

Which appliances should not be plugged into an extension cord?

Heavy appliances that use a high amount of power should not be plugged into an extension cord. These include refrigerators, microwaves, ice makers, heaters, AC, hair dryers, toasters, dryers, washers, etc. A heavy-duty 12 gauge extension is suitable for heavy appliances.

What is the difference between a power strip and a surge protector?

A power strip provides extra space. You can plug multiple appliances into it. Further, it has a circuit breaker and an ON/OFF switch. On the other hand, the function of a surge protector is safety. It protects your appliances from power surges or voltage spikes. So, your appliances are saved from damage and fire hazards.

Can I plug 2 power strips into one electrical outlet?

You should never plug 2 power strips into one outlet. This can lead to a serious electrical accident or fire. Moreover, you should use only 1 or 2 sockets of the strip at a given time. Although it has 6 sockets yet using them all at the same time is risky.

Is it safe to plug a refrigerator into a power strip?

It is highly risky to plug your refrigerator into a power strip. Because a power strip provides only a small amount of power to small appliances. While refrigerators need a high amount of power. This incompatibility of power leads to overheating and eventually fire. Instead, you should plug the refrigerator into a dedicated outlet that can handle high voltage.

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Concluding Words

In short, you should not plug your coffee maker into a power strip. Install a surge protector or a dedicated outlet. Also, avoid connecting to an overloaded outlet. Kindly follow these instructions to avoid any damage or electrical accident. Your safety is important to us.

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