Subwoofer Makes Loud Noise When Turned OFF

Subwoofers are the best source to provide you with quality sound for your playback songs and games with powerful bass. You feel happy to have a subwoofer connected to your branded receiver.

While enjoying Music, you feel that when you turn OFF your subwoofer it makes a loud noise or Buzz. You really feel drastic by hearing this loud noise.

Here we will show you how to determine the issue and how can you fix it. Because you do not like the loud sound that comes out from your subwoofer when it turns OFF.

Reasons for Loud Noise or Buzz

  • Subwoofer loud noise is caused by interrupting the electrical current or, in other words, a loose connection
  • Some sort of energy is stored in the woofer or in the capacitors of the amplifier, which can be the cause of back-EMF
  • When the circuit is cut, much like when you turn it OFF, you see a spark at the switch. This tends to make its way to the speaker, causing loud Noise
  • There is a chance your cable is faulty, need to change the cable and try again with the subwooferSubwoofer Makes Loud Noise When Turned OFF

Fix Subwoofer  Loud Noise When Turned OFF

  • The first case is probably due to the subwoofer itself
  • Sometimes temporary swings make their way to the speaker
  • This can cause a pop or loud noise
  • To get rid of the turn-off noise is to have a power detection
  • A circuit that holds a relay on while there is power
  • When the power is cut, the relay almost immediately turns off (Noise usually comes after a short while)
  • Change the polarity of the subwoofer’s connections
  • In such a situation, you can use an AC ground adapter to reverse the polarity
  • If your cables are in bundles, separate the cables from each other
  • When you use a Bluetooth subwoofer, that has a loud sound is often due to localized interference

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Final Thoughts 

In this article, we addressed the issue Subwoofer making loud noise when turned OFF. It’s a proper guide to follow to solve your issue.

Test your subwoofer correctly by applying all these methods, where you feel that you find the issue then do the needful.

Hopefully, you will get good results from this article, and you can reduce your time to fix your subwoofer’s loud noise when turned OFF.

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