How To Fix Sonicare Turns On By Itself

It can be very disturbing to wake up in the morning and find that your toothbrush has turned on by itself.

This can be caused by your Sonicare turning on while you were asleep, or it could have been triggered by something more serious, such as a power surge from the electric company or something else entirely.

Check out the following tips to figure out what the cause was and how to prevent it from happening again.

Replace the batteries

The first step to fixing a toothbrush that turns on by itself is to replace the batteries. Depending on what kind of battery your brush uses, you might need to install just two new ones or remove and reinstall all four.

If it’s an old model, you may be able to get away with just installing new batteries—they don’t always come in pairs. When you buy replacement batteries, make sure they are made specifically for your toothbrush model.

Never try mixing brands or generations—not only could it void your warranty, but mixing them can cause damage that isn’t covered under the warranty at all.

Sonicare Turns On By Itself

Replace the Power Cord

If your toothbrush turns on by itself and has not been wet, or been left charging overnight, then it may just be a loose connection in your power cord. Unplug your power cord from its outlet and re-insert it into its port firmly.

If that doesn’t fix it, try plugging your brush into a different outlet. If that still doesn’t work, try using a different power cord.

While unlikely, if you have another Sonicare toothbrush handy that you know works properly with its cord, you can use that one to test if your charging system is at fault.

You can understand by removing only the brush head from your faulty unit. After that put it onto an operable one with known good electronics (and vice versa). A completely dead device should work even with a bad power cord attached.

Replace the Toothbrush Handle

When a toothbrush turns on by itself, it’s usually a problem with one of two things: either a piece of metal in the handle or in your sonic toothbrush head is touching metal on your bathroom sink, OR there’s water in your sonic toothbrush.

Try switching out your brush heads with new ones and make sure that no metal pieces are touching anything. If you have trouble with water getting into your handle, make sure you wipe it down after every use and check to make sure that no part of your body or other objects have touched it.

If you still find problems even after replacing brush heads and wiping down/switching handles, contact customer service to receive help troubleshooting.

Reset your toothbrush

Please follow these instructions to do a factory reset of your Sonicare: Push and hold the power button for 5 seconds.

Then let go of the power button and immediately push and hold down one of your quadrant buttons (two top ones, two bottom ones, or left/right buttons) until you hear a single short beep.

That means that you have been successful in doing a factory reset. Please note that if you had your brush on before doing it, then unplug it first if it was charging! Wait about 20 seconds before using it again.

Contact Customer Service 

Remember to be as kind and patient as possible. Customer service representatives at most companies receive an overwhelming number of calls, emails, or chat messages each day. Always start out by being courteous and respectful.

You can simply ask to be transferred to a supervisor if you have trouble getting any resolution from customer service on your own. You may also want to contact your state attorney general’s office. Or you can contact a consumer protection agency if you’re having difficulty resolving problems with customer service.

They are often able to get resolutions that individuals cannot obtain on their own. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions! We’re always happy to help!

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Also watch the video to fix your problem


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I'm a Professional Content Writer on and willing to write Articles on Technology-based Items. Writing basically is not my job but I consider it as my hobby and passion. I have been working as a Content writer for quite some time.
I'm a Professional Content Writer on and willing to write Articles on Technology-based Items. Writing basically is not my job but I consider it as my hobby and passion. I have been working as a Content writer for quite some time.

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