Fix Razer Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping-Quick Solutions

The scroll wheel on my Razer mouse has been jumping and hard to control ever since I installed Windows 10 on my new gaming rig. I could not find any solution to the problem online.

I tried these steps on my own and I got my Razer Mouse Scroll wheel started working fine again.

Fix#1. Plugin Your Mouse and Wait

Wait 30 seconds. Your mouse is smart. Scroll to make sure it’s working fine and then scroll slowly to test out every axis. Anything that works fine after a few minutes of scrolling can be fixed, so let it sit for at least ten minutes before testing again.

I usually do some drawing or photo editing if I’m in a rush, but if you want to fix things for good, don’t use your computer at all for thirty minutes! You can even watch TV or listen to music while you wait—whatever helps you stay relaxed and focused.

The less you use your computer during step one, the better off your system will be in the next steps when everything gets turned on again with a vengeance!

 Razer Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping

Fix#2. Roll Back Drivers in Device Manager

The device manager is a Microsoft Windows feature you can use to see which hardware devices are installed on your computer.

  1. You can also use it to fix any problems that arise with hardware devices.
  2. To open it, press ⊞ Win + R, type “devmgmt.msc” in Run, and click OK or press Enter.
  3. This will bring up the Device Manager’s window. In most cases, you’ll want to expand categories by clicking on them.
  4. For example, if you want to fix a problem with your mouse scroll wheel jumping around erratically, then expand Mice and other pointing devices in Device Manager.
  5. Double-click on the HID-compliant mouse (or whatever name your mouse has) under Mice and other pointing devices.
  6. Click Properties > Details > Driver tab
  7. On the Driver tab of Mouse Properties’ Details box, select Roll Back Driver
  8. Select Roll Back Driver again to confirm
  9. Now, reboot your computer so that changes take effect.
  10. If they don’t work after rebooting—for example, if scrolling still feels jumpy—then roll back again until you find one that does work for you.

Fix#3. Update Your Mouse Drivers

In order to fix your scroll wheel jumping, you’ll need to update your mouse drivers. A common reason for scroll wheel issues is out-of-date drivers, so go ahead and update your driver software here:

  1. Once you’ve updated, reboot your computer and check again if it’s fixed.
  2. Note that installing Razer Synapse 2.0 after updating your drivers may fix your issue.
  3. To uninstall Synapse 2.0 follow these steps:
  4. Update Windows: Some users have reported that updating their Windows fixes their problems
  5. So try running Windows Update before proceeding to other troubleshooting steps
  6. Run hardware diagnostics or perform a factory reset
  7. If none of these steps fix your issue, then unfortunately you may have a faulty device

Fix#4. Connect the Mouse to a Different Port

Fix scrolling issues by connecting your mouse to a different port on your computer. Before proceeding, uninstall any drivers associated with that mouse and restart your computer.

Then, connect it to a different USB port on your computer, preferably one at least three slots away from where you were previously using it.

If that fixes things for you, then try plugging it into another computer and test again. If you’re still experiencing problems after doing all of that, then continue down below…

Fix#5. Update Windows 10 Drivers Manually

If you use Windows 10, chances are your hardware devices are using their default drivers that come pre-installed.

If you want to play around with your mouse settings, or if you just want it to operate faster and more efficiently, then we recommend updating your driver to a newer version that supports better gaming performance.

Microsoft doesn’t always update their drivers automatically – so it’s up to us users to do it ourselves! Note: You don’t need any special software for these steps – they can be completed manually by going through Device Manager.

Also, make sure you take a backup of all driver files before proceeding as some older drivers might not support later versions of Windows, and installing an incompatible one could damage your operating system.

Fix#6. Update Windows 10 Drivers Automatically

The fix for Razer mouse scroll wheel jumping is to remove all updates to mouse drivers. Update your operating system and BIOS, if you want.

This way you can select only what mouse drivers or other devices, in general, are needed or wanted, and it helps prevent conflicts when updating any device driver.

If you want to avoid problems with mouse scrolling or other issues that are caused by bad drivers, then we suggest you try an independent driver software program like Your Driver Solution which can also help you manage your device drivers on your PC.

It will install the missing drivers and will fix the corrupted ones. Hence, any issues with your mouse and its drivers will be resolved.

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This guide has told you a number of solutions to fix your Razer Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping issue. The problem can be in the software as well as with the hardware. For example, the wheel may be loose and running uncontrollably. Hence, you should try all the solutions.

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