How To Fix Igloo Ice Maker Add Water light Stays ON

I solved the problem with my Igloo ice maker, and it wasn’t at all what I expected. Most people thought it was the water valve or an electrical issue, but I found the real solution to be something completely different – literally. 

I hope this will help others with this issue, too! Check out my solution to the Igloo ice maker water light problem below.

Remove the filter

The first step to solving any problem is figuring out what’s causing it. Most manufacturers put water filters on ice makers for a reason—to keep your ice tasting fresh and clean. 

But in rare cases, water can cause problems with your ice maker:


 If your unit has recently stopped producing as much ice as it used to, or if you find that your unit is leaking water, then you may need to start over by cleaning or replacing that filter.

 Igloo Ice Maker Add Water light Stays ON


Remove the water bin

After a little research, it seemed that my Igloo water maker had three potential problems. 

First, there could be a blockage in one of two tubes that carry water from the bin into the ice machine.

Second, there could be debris in one of two filters that strain out rust or other particles from your freshwater supply. 

Third, there may simply be too much mineral build-up and calcium deposits on some parts of my appliance. To solve these issues, I first removed my water bin and ran an empty cycle with vinegar. 

This helped clean any possible clogs in both of those tubes. Next, I cleaned both filters by soaking them overnight in vinegar. 

Finally, minerals can build up over time inside any household appliance (even if you use filtered water).

I soaked each part of my device for several hours in white vinegar and warm water before scrubbing them down with a toothbrush and drying them off with paper towels.

Vacuum any debris from the inside of the ice machine

If your ice machine is producing clear or gray-colored ice, and you’re also having water overflow issues, there could be debris in your machine clogging it up. 

Simply remove any ice that’s already been made, unplug it, and use a vacuum (or another long object) to reach inside of it and remove any obstructions that may be in there.

 Just make sure not to touch anything electrical while doing so! Once all of the ice has been removed, wipe down any surfaces with warm water and dry them thoroughly before plugging them back in. 

This should solve your problem right away. However, if your machine still isn’t working properly after doing these steps, you might need to have a professional come out and take care of things for you.


Reassemble your unit

Before you plug your machine back in, grab a clear glass, fill it with water, and test to see if it dispenses correctly. Once you’ve confirmed that there are no leaks, put it all back together.

You might even want to clean out your refrigerator and put fresh ice trays in before doing so. Now all you have to do is pour yourself a nice cold glass of crystal-clear water.

How to Fix

The lights on your Igloo refrigerator are there to let you know what’s going on inside of it, and most of them have straightforward messages. 

The water light comes on when there is a need for more water. You can fix that problem in two ways: 

manually adding water or waiting for it goes off automatically. It may take some time, but that problem will resolve itself—if you wait long enough.

If you want to get things moving along faster, however, fill up your ice cube tray with water. That should turn off that pesky light pretty quickly.

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first, read instructions on how to shut off the light. Did not help. Tried cutting power from the wall outlet. Did not work, too far away from the ice maker. 

After no success at shutting OFF the water, my conclusion is…the appliance is old and about to break down for good. Will buy a new one in near future. 

So don’t waste your time trying to fix it, just buy a new one. You’ve made it through the conclusion section of my post. Now let’s move on to my introduction.

This is basically where I’ll try to convince you that you should be interested in what comes next….in other words.