How To Fix Frigidaire Refrigerator Keeps Resetting to 1

I recently purchased my first Frigidaire refrigerator, and I’m very happy with it in general, except for one thing. It keeps beeping at me and resetting to factory settings every time I open the door.

 That’s annoying, especially when I use it to store my beer. But I can’t bring myself to replace it since it makes so much ice.

What can I do? Well, here are the top causes of this problem, as well as some tips on how to stop your Frigidaire refrigerator from resetting to factory settings when you open the door.

How To Stop That Annoying No Ice Error Message

Whether you have a 15 or 20 cu. ft. French door model, we’ve got some quick and easy solutions to stop that annoying no-ice message on your Frigidaire refrigerator. First, check out our troubleshooting guide:

Ice Maker Not Working 


If that doesn’t solve it, try these five common fixes for an issue like yours. And if they don’t work for you, give us a call at 1-800-737-0404 (Frigidaire) so we can help troubleshoot further and get your fridge back up and running in no time.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Keeps Resetting to 1


 No Ice Error Message 

Power Cycle Your Refrigerator’s Dispenser Motor…and Give It Some Time When all else fails, a power cycle is often your best bet. In other words, unplug it from its power source for several minutes (don’t worry; there’s nothing inside to spoil), then plug it back in again—and wait a few hours before trying again.

What Is Causing My Frigidaire Refrigerator To Not Hold Ice?

If you’re looking for what is causing my Frigidaire refrigerator to not hold ice, here are some potential causes. You may be surprised by how simple many of these problems are; I certainly was.

Let’s take a look at why my Frigidaire refrigerator keeps resetting to and see if we can figure out what is causing it to do so. To figure out what is causing my Frigidaire refrigerator to not hold ice.

Let’s first talk about a few possible culprits that could be responsible for what is causing my Frigidaire refrigerator to not hold ice. My Frigidaire fridge won’t cool below 39 degrees: My Frigidaire fridge isn’t cold enough:

These two issues seem similar, but they require different solutions. The first issue (my Frigidaire fridge won’t cool below 39 degrees) indicates that there might be something wrong with your thermostat or cooling system.

How To Repair A Broken Door Gasket

A fridge’s door gasket can be frustrating to replace. It can be complicated, and frustrating and might need a few tries to get it fixed correctly. 

However, there are a few ways you can make it easier on yourself in getting things done right away. I’ve gone through countless YouTube videos of how people fix their gaskets, so I’m going to share with you some of the solutions that I’ve learned through personal experience. 

 Googling your Model Number

One of my first steps is googling how to repair(model number) the refrigerator door gasket. Usually, after searching for about 2 minutes, I find a step-by-step video tutorial made by someone who has already gone through what I am currently going through now.


How To Clean The Condenser Coil On A Frigidaire Refrigerator

No matter how clean your refrigerator is, there will come a time when it needs to be cleaned out. The condenser coil is what transfers heat from the inside of your refrigerator to the outside so that everything inside stays cold. 

This is a very sensitive and important part of any refrigerator or freezer. If you don’t properly clean it, it can break down and cause all sorts of problems in addition to shortening its life span. 

So here are some things you can do to keep it clean and running smoothly:

Cleaning up and maintaining your coils can keep things running smoothly, but it’s not something most people think about—until they’re covered in a layer of dust.

 Getting to them is simple, though. Shut off power to your refrigerator or freezer by unplugging it or turning off a nearby circuit breaker.

How to Fix it 

You’re not alone. Several of our readers have reported that their Frigidaire refrigerators keep resetting back to factory settings, making it a little more difficult to bake in peace.

  • First, find where your refrigerator’s fuse box is located.
  • It should be somewhere near your electrical panel and will likely be labeled a fuse box.
  • Once you find it, remove all fuses except one—this will allow you to turn off power to only part of your home if necessary (which could come in handy if you want to run an extension cord from another room).
  • Then flip off all circuit breakers at your electrical panel and wait 10 minutes before flipping them back on again.

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I think my Frigidaire fridge needs to be replaced. I’ve tried resetting it to no avail. My solution is going to be shopping for a new refrigerator in person at a store.

I won’t be using internet reviews for selecting my next fridge as I was burned by such reviews when buying my current one, and had less than stellar results.

I would like a better deal on my next purchase too! For me, in-person shopping works best.

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