How to Fix Air Conditioner Thermostat- Effective Tips Revealed

A thermostat is one of the most important components of an AC. If it starts malfunctioning, your appliance cannot work properly. In this guide, you will learn to fix an air conditioner thermostat.

A number of problems are reported regarding this part. So, before calling a mechanic, you can try some useful tricks at home. Often the issue is minor and we can solve it at home.

How to Fix Air Conditioner Thermostat- Effective Tips Revealed

Role of A Thermostat in Air Conditioner

A thermostat regulates and controls the temperature of your AC. It ensures accurate temperature readings. Moreover, it adjusts the temperature according to specific requirements.

Hence, if the thermostat stops working, your cooling system does not perform efficiently. Therefore, you need to fix it.

Where is Thermostat Located in an Air Conditioner?

The thermostat is usually located near the evaporator coils. The coils are present inside the AC unit. The thermostat may be centrally located in some units. Its control buttons are located on the remote of your air conditioner.

They may be labeled with different symbols in various brands. However, commonly, a “Mode” button and an “A” button are to adjust the temperature.

AC Thermostat is not Working: Warning Signs

Certain warning signs tell you if the thermostat is not working properly:

  1. For example, the most common one is that room cooling is not compatible with the settings.
  2. The thermostat has no power. It can be checked by a Multimeter.
  3. AC does not turn ON or OFF. Instead, keeps running constantly.
  4. The unit does not respond to temperature changes.
  5. Readings do not match the room temperature.
  6. The unit is more than 10 years old. It needs a checkup and replacement.

A Quick Thermostat Test

First, make sure your AC remote is working. Because sometimes, the issue is with the remote. That’s why the unit is not responding. Replace the batteries of the remote.

Try changing the temperature and check if it works or not. The thermostat should respond well to the remote. Further, the temperature of the room should be compatible with its reading.

Lower the temperature by around 10 degrees. Also, check the condenser or outdoor unit if it is working or not.

Very Effective Tips to Fix Air Conditioner Thermostat

It is not recommended to open the unit and try to fix it yourself. Because you can harm yourself or can damage the appliance. Because dealing with appliances requires technical knowledge and expertise.

So, for repair or replacement, contact a professional mechanic. However, you can apply some basic tips to fix minor issues. These troubleshooting hacks will help you a lot.

#1. Fix the Power Source

The first thing you need to check is the power supply. Make sure your AC is plugged firmly into the wall outlet. As you know, air conditioners require high voltage. So, you have to supply adequate power.

Otherwise, the unit may turn ON but the thermostat will fail to work. Moreover, you have to confirm that thermostat is receiving power. Check the circuit breaker or fuse. Reset or replace if they are bad.

#2. Supply Required Power

Two signs can tell you that thermostat is not receiving adequate power. First is that it keeps on shutting ON and OFF. The second indicator is the backlight is not lightning up or fading.

The thermostat receives power both from batteries and the cooling system. Hence, both these sources needed to be checked. Maybe the batteries are bad and need replacement.

#3. Reset AC Thermostat

I find resetting a very useful hack for electronic devices. Whenever my appliances pose a problem, I reset them as a first priority. Most of the time, it solves the problem. Likewise, you should reset the AC unit or thermostat.

  1. Almost all air conditioners have a reset button.
  2. It is a small red button located on the front or outdoor unit.
  3. Some may have a hidden button. It is like a tiny hole.
  4. Kindly consult your unit’s user manual if you cannot find the button.
  5. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.

#4. Restart Your Air Conditioner

Restarting is a quick hack to solve a lot of problems. If your unit is stuck, a restart will release it.

Shut down your air conditioner completely.

Now, unplug it from the power outlet or turn OFF the circuit breaker.

Leave it for 5-10 minutes before turning it ON again.

Hopefully, this will troubleshoot the appliance.

#5. Mount the Unit Accurately

Air conditioners are installed at a certain level on the wall. Otherwise, they cannot get the correct reading. Moreover, the thermostat cannot sense temperature changes and starts working abnormally.

So, you have to make sure the unit is installed accurately and at the correct level. It should be at least 5 feet above the ground. Use a bubble level to check if it is installed straight or not.

#6. Protect from Heat Sources

Your thermostat should not be close to any heat source or cool air. Otherwise, it will get the wrong readings. Keep it away from windows, vents, heaters, electronic appliances, and direct sunlight.

Check around for any other thing that can affect the unit. Remove such objects immediately and check again.

#7. Clean the Unit

Another thing you can do to fix your AC is to clean it properly. Dirt or debris can accumulate in any part of the air conditioner. Especially, filters, condensers, and vents should be clean.

Open the outer cover and clean the thermostat from the inside. You cannot imagine how much dust it has gathered. This blocks the various parts and causes malfunctioning.

Problem Still Exists?

The above-mentioned hacks are very effective in fixing the bad thermostat. However, if they do not help, it means there is some technical fault. Do not play around at home.

Instead, call a certified mechanic or contact the manufacturer. A professional can diagnose the problem, examine the unit, and can fix it.

If your unit is under warranty, claim a replacement. Otherwise, replace the thermostat with the new one.

FAQs Regarding Air Conditioner Thermostat

Do you want to learn more about thermostats in a short time? If yes, read the following questions and answers.

How long does the thermostat of an air conditioner last?

Most companies give a 10-year warranty. Some may give a 12-15 years warranty period for an AC thermostat. If you maintain it properly, the unit can live longer than its natural lifespan.

Can I replace the thermostat of my air conditioner at home?

You can replace the part if you have the necessary electrical knowledge. Moreover, you should understand how to use the tools and install the thermostat. Otherwise, avoid trying at home as you can damage the AC further. It is wise to spend some money on a professional replacement.

What is the cost of a new thermostat?

A new thermostat can be purchased for less than $200. The price can go up to $300 depending on the brand and quality. Prefer buying from the same company to which your air conditioner belongs. A licensed mechanic will charge almost $65 to $100 for replacing the component. It takes 1-2 hours to replace an AC thermostat.

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Concluding Words

It is very necessary to fix an air conditioner thermostat if it malfunctions. Because your cooling system cannot work efficiently without it. Follow our guide correctly. Tell us about your reviews and queries in the comment section.

Hi, I'm Noor Alam, Founder of I'm naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets and Love to solve different problems regarding these gadgets. I will share information with you on how to fix different old devices and how to find the best products. You'll find great help from my research and experience.
Hi, I'm Noor Alam, Founder of I'm naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets and Love to solve different problems regarding these gadgets. I will share information with you on how to fix different old devices and how to find the best products. You'll find great help from my research and experience.

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