Fix Crane Humidifier Not Working

When you have the proper humidifier working in your home, it adds moisture to the air which helps alleviate discomfort caused by dry air.

However, there are various reasons why your humidifier may not be working properly, or at all.

Fortunately, there are ways to troubleshoot your humidifier and get it up and running again with minimal hassle and expense.

Here are some solutions for common problems that cause Crane humidifiers to stop working properly or at all.

Flush out the water tank with fresh water

It is possible that water residue got stuck in your humidifier tank which can cause it to not turn on. To fix it, simply flush out all of the water from your tank using fresh tap water.

Run tap water through your humidifier until there are no s


igns of dirt or sediment left in it.

Then, refill with clean and purified bottled water.

This should fix Crane humidifiers that aren’t working! (If you have any concerns about whether your bottle of water is clean enough for a baby’s room, consider using distilled or demineralized bottled water.)

Crane Humidifier Not Working


Clean off the humidistat

You can probably clean off your humidistat with a little bit of Windex and a paper towel.

You should probably be careful not to spray any cleaning solution directly onto your humidistat, though, as it could damage it.

Once you’ve cleaned off your humidistat with Windex, you’ll want to do one more thing – reset your humidistat! To do that, just press and hold down all of your humidistat buttons for approximately 15 seconds.

Replace the humidity sensor

The most common problem with Crane humidifiers is a faulty humidity sensor.

To test if that’s your issue, plug in your humidifier, turn it on and allow it to run until water comes out of it (if you’re unfamiliar with these instructions and need more assistance, follow my article.

If water doesn’t come out at all or drips intermittently, that means your humidity sensor needs to be replaced.

I strongly recommend buying a brand new one rather than attempting to repair it yourself because there are many different types of humidifiers and manufacturers often use unique parts for each model; therefore you may end up wasting a lot of time or money trying to fix something yourself.

Replace the water chamber

If your humidifier is operating but not providing adequate humidity, a possible fix is to replace or clean out your water chamber.

There are two types of removable chambers: those with a filter and those without.

The easiest way to figure out which type you have is to pop off the top and look for a white or gray fabric pad inside. If it’s gray, you have one with a filter; if it’s white, you don’t need to worry about it.

For either one, check your manual (or online) for cleaning instructions—usually they suggest rinsing with vinegar and water or replacing every month or so.

Obviously, if there’s dirt built up in there, changing it out will help tremendously.

Reinstall the drain hose

One way to fix your crane humidifier not working is to re-install a drain hose. If water does not drain from your device, it will eventually cause damage to its internal parts, and can even prevent it from working altogether.

To fix your crane humidifier not working, follow these instructions. First, remove all of the water from your humidifier by turning off its power switch and unplugging it. Then, look for a drain tube that runs from your device into a bucket or sink.

Remove any clogs in that tube with an old toothbrush or another similar tool if you find any; then replace that tube with another one of equal length (you may need to buy one).

Finally, plug in your humidifier again and turn on its power switch; then add water as needed. This should fix crane humidifiers, not working problems you may have been having.

Reset the crane humidifier manually

If you find that your humidifier is not running even after you have filled it, it could be that there are clogs in its tubing.

Try to clean all its components and run a filter through its chamber if possible. You can also try resetting your humidifier manually.

First, turn off your humidifier. Next, remove its water reservoir.

After that, press and hold down on the demineralization cartridge until a small amount of water comes out of it; let go of it once you see water being dispensed from it (this should take about 15 seconds).

Now that both these issues have been solved, resetting your crane humidifier manually is complete!

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If you own a crane humidifier and it isn’t working properly, don’t worry. It may be easier to fix than you think.

Just try these three quick fixes: make sure your water is running at maximum pressure; set up a new air filter; unplug your humidifier for several hours, then plug it back in.

If one of these fixes doesn’t do it, try another. Alternatively, you can visit Crane Support. Hopefully, that will resolve your problem!

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