Coleman Mach AC not Turning ON- The Expert Troubleshooting Guide

The air conditioner not coming ON is a common problem. There can be different reasons behind this issue. In this guide, we will particularly talk about Coleman Mach AC not turning ON.

I will tell you a few useful tips and hacks. You do not need to put in too much effort or time. Fortunately, the fixes are quick and easy.

Coleman Mach AC not Turning ON- The Expert Troubleshooting Guide

So, if you do not want to pay a mechanic, kindly follow this guide correctly. Be sure to check the following things.

1. Check the Power

One immediate cause is that your AC is not receiving adequate power. Check the power outlet whether it is working or not. Try powering ON your Coleman Mach from a different power outlet.

Moreover, plug the power adapter firmly into the electric outlet. Another important thing to check is the voltage supply.

Connect your AC to the recommended power supply unit. Also, check the power cord. It should not be damaged, exposed, or frayed out.

2. Reset Circuit Breaker

The next thing to check is the main circuit breaker linked with your AC. Make sure the circuit breaker is not tripping frequently. If so, there is some fault in the wiring. Hence, you need to fix the wiring and power supply.

Use a Voltmeter if you know how it functions. To reset it, turn OFF the breaker for a few minutes. Switch it ON again and check your air conditioner.

Sometimes, the fuse of the breaker is blown. In this case, you need to replace the circuit breaker.

3. Check the AC Remote

In some cases, the AC is receiving power. But, the remote control is not working. That’s why the appliance does not come ON.

So, check the remote control. Reset it and replace the batteries with the new ones. Another solution is to turn ON your AC manually.

4. Examine the Thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat is one of the major reasons your Coleman Mach is not turning ON. Is the display of your thermostat lighted up? If the display is off, the appliance cannot turn ON.

Moreover, check the batteries of your thermostat. Next, test its functioning. Apply the cool settings 5-6 degrees lesser than the room temperature.

After 20 minutes, check whether cold air is blowing from your AC or not. This is the right way to confirm the accurate functioning of the thermostat.

5. Clean Air Filters

Although it is not a very common reason yet you have to check for dirty filters. Try to recall how much time has passed since you have not cleaned the filters.

As you know, filters ensure air circulation. If they gather dust or debris, air cannot make its way. Hence, the appliance overheats and cannot turn ON. Additionally, the dirty filters can block the outdoor unit.

Turn OFF your AC by unplugging it from the wall outlet. Now, remove the air filters, and wash them to release all the debris. Let dry completely and insert again. Watch the complete process here.

6. Unclog the Drain Pan

An air conditioner collects moisture from the air. It goes into the drain pan that is found below the indoor unit. The moisture is transferred to the outside unit through the condensate drain line.

Sometimes, the drain pan becomes full and clogged. If you do not clean it regularly, your Coleman will refuse to turn it ON.

Because the float switch activates thus shutting OFF the system. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove water and debris from the pan. Then switch ON your air conditioner.

7. Test the Capacitors

Bad capacitors are another common reason for air conditioner failure. Capacitors are very important in the circuit. Because one of them is responsible to provide the initial power to the motor for starting ON.

While the other provides the necessary power for keeping the motor running. Overheating is responsible for capacitor failure. It can be due to direct exposure of outdoor units to sunlight.

Another cause is setting the temperature to the highest or lowest value. In this situation, the system has to work hard. Power outages or fluctuations are some other reasons. The solution is to replace the capacitors. But, it should be done by an expert.

8. Your Coleman Mach is Dormant

Always remember a thumb rule; clean your cooling system properly before turning it ON in the new season. Generally, we switch ON our ACs in the summer season without any cleaning.

While during winters, the system has gathered too much dirt. Therefore, the fan cannot rotate or any of the units fail to work.

In fact, the system goes into dormancy. Hence, you should do a thorough cleaning of the indoor and outdoor units, fan, and any exposed area.

9. Motor is Damaged

Another intricate reason is the damaged motor. Obviously, if the motor is bad, your AC cannot turn ON. It is indicated by the grinding noise from the unit. The AC motor has oil sealed within it.

If the seal corrodes or is damaged, the oil leaks outside. Resultantly, the motor has no more lubrication. The solution is to repair or replace the motor. Kindly contact a professional technician.

It is better to replace the AC unit if the repair cost is too much and the system is too old. However, go for a repair if the cost is little as compared to a new Coleman Mach air conditioning system.

10. Your Coleman Mach Has Expired

The last unfortunate reason may be the expiry. Your Coleman Mach has lived its lifespan. Try to remember its date of installation. Mostly, the cooling systems work efficiently for 20 years.

Either an important component has failed or the whole system is dead. Contact the company for a professional look. The following signs indicate failure and expiry;

  1. Decreased airflow despite complete cleaning.
  2. Abnormal increase in the billing amount and electricity consumption. Because a dying AC consumes extra power for maintaining the temperature.
  3. Excessive leakage from the indoor or outdoor unit. It can be water or refrigerant leakage.
  4. Bad smell from your AC also indicates it is dying. No matter what you do, the smell does not go away.

FAQs About Coleman Mach AC

Read the following frequently asked questions for further help.

Can I get my Coleman Mach AC recharged?

Coleman Mach AC system cannot be recharged. Because it is a sealed and closed system. The company claims that it never requires refrigerant recharging. If you suspect a low refrigerant level, contact the manufacturer.

How to reset the Coleman Mach air conditioner?

Do you own the thermostat model 9630-3361? To reset it, turn OFF the thermostat. Pull out the fuse and wait for 5 minutes. Now, plug the fuse back in again. Turn ON the system after 5 minutes.

Where is the ac reset button on Coleman Mach?

There is no dedicated reset button on a Coleman Mach AC. However, you can reset it by turning OFF the thermostat and the breaker switch. Further, you can power cycle the AC unit by shutting it down completely for 5 minutes.

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Concluding Words

Hopefully, you have learned a lot in this guide. By applying my suggested troubleshooting hacks, you can fix your Coleman Mach AC, not at home. This guide is applicable to other AC brands if they are not turning ON.

Hi, I'm Noor Alam, Founder of I'm naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets and Love to solve different problems regarding these gadgets. I will share information with you on how to fix different old devices and how to find the best products. You'll find great help from my research and experience.
Hi, I'm Noor Alam, Founder of I'm naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets and Love to solve different problems regarding these gadgets. I will share information with you on how to fix different old devices and how to find the best products. You'll find great help from my research and experience.

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