How To Fix Breville Espresso Machine Not Pumping Water

Let me tell you what happened to me yesterday. I was about to make myself an espresso when I realized that my Breville wasn’t pumping water into the machine.

It was just sitting there looking at me, waiting for me to figure out what was wrong with it. Normally, I’d have gone online and found the answer within minutes.

But this time I decided to call customer service instead because I wanted to hear the actual human on the other end of the line say Breville doesn’t work that way.

Description of Issue

The water reservoir on my Breville espresso machine was not pumping water. After doing some research online, I concluded that a clog in one of several places is likely to blame for my issue.

I also noticed several people having a similar problem and many suggesting solutions. So, I wanted to experiment to determine what was causing my issue with the hope that it will help others who have gone through it.

 Breville Espresso Machine Not Pumping Water


There are three possible causes of no water pumping through your espresso machine:

It’s not plugged in, there is a problem with your plumbing, or it’s broken. First, check to make sure that you have electricity going to your machine.

If you do and it still isn’t working, then I would suspect that something is wrong with your plumbing. If you don’t have electricity going to your machine then I would check for a tripped circuit breaker (if applicable).

Also be sure that all wires and plugs are securely connected to ensure that they aren’t loose or faulty. Lastly, if none of these things apply to you, then I would suggest taking apart your machine and making sure everything is where it should be.

If everything looks good inside but it still doesn’t work when you turn on your machine then most likely one of its internal components has failed.

The best thing to do at that point is contact Breville customer service as soon as possible so they can help walk you through troubleshooting steps and/or provide replacement parts/service options.

Press the Power Button

Before doing anything else, make sure your espresso machine is plugged in and that you’ve pressed its power button. If it’s still not pumping water, continue reading.

Check Your Filter

It could be that your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. Follow these steps to clean or replace your filter.

If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, follow these steps to order a new one from Breville. 

You can also purchase replacement filters from third-party vendors like Amazon or eBay; however, we can’t guarantee their quality as they aren’t produced by Breville. 

Remove & Clean Your Group head

This solution applies only if you have a dual boiler espresso machine. To remove and clean your group head, follow these steps. 

Replace Your Group head

 This solution applies only if you have a dual boiler espresso machine. To replace your group head, follow these steps.

Cycle Through Settings Section

If you have an espresso machine, try cycling through all of its settings and then test to see if water is pumping out. If not, go on to the solution.
so, your problem may be solved! It’s a common mistake to leave a setting on that causes no water to pump out of your machine when you press brew.

When I saw my espresso machine wasn’t pumping water, my first thought was I need to get that fixed. What I should have done first is asked myself why it wasn’t working and how it might be repaired.

So, when you notice something is wrong with your equipment, stop and think before contacting a repairman; try to figure out what might be causing it so you can fix it yourself. You will save money in both time and money by doing so.

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Also watch the video to fix the problem


When I lifted my espresso machine, there was a pretty strong smell of burnt plastic coming from underneath it. Then, after I put it back down and plugged it in, smoke started coming out from underneath it.

Something wasn’t right! However, after some further investigation and a few Google searches on Breville not pumping water I discovered that many people have experienced these same issues with their Bambino machines.

So, for now, at least, I can conclude that if you are having problems with your Breville espresso machine not pumping water then you should contact customer service to find out what is going on.
Maybe they will be able to help you resolve your issue or maybe they will just send you a new one altogether.

Either way, it is worth giving them a call because sometimes when we experience problems like these our mind starts playing tricks on us and we start imagining all sorts of things that aren’t happening.

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