Fix Arcade1up White Screen

Arcade 1Up is attractive to people who are looking for a retro gaming experience. It makes positive comments about the reduced size, ease of construction, and well display of games.

With the New generation of Arcade 1Up machines being available, all of that is changing. Quite a few people have played on arcade machines, and very few people own them.

You finally purchased an Arcade 1up machine, but it looks you are facing an Arcade1up white screen issue.

These arcade machines have some issues that come up off and on. The common issue is when you turn on the Arcade 1up screen is white.

We discuss the reasons and how to fix the white screen on Arcade 1up here.

Check the Power Supply 

This issue is the common one in Arcade 1up. It is caused by malfunctions in the power supply or the outlet in which it is plugged.

Secondly, you should check the power cord itself. You look carefully at the cord and make sure that the cord did not have cut or bruised while the box was being moved, or opened.

 Arcade1up White Screen

How to Reset Arcade 1up Machine

  • While doing this processing power ON the Arcade 1up Machine
  • Find screws at top of the control panel
  • Remove the screws with a screwdriver, pull up on the control panel on the side closest to the screen
  • Press yellow reset button down Strongly

Removing all the External Devices

If you are still facing the problem after resetting the device then you can remove all the external devices which are connected to your computer via USB. Because sometimes external devices can also damage the device. These devices include printers, mic, keyboard, e.t.c.

How to Fix White Screen on Arcade 1up

When you turn ON your Arcade 1 up machine and you get only audio but have a white screen. The reason will be poorly connected PCB and Monitor wire and on the wrong spot.

  •  Shut down the game
  •  Remove the backdoor from the Arcade cabinet, next remove the PCB from here
  • You will see some wires a black wire that’s held to the PCB with a screw a black edge connector looking thing and a little white Molex connector type thing
  • Make sure that the little black edge connector thing is properly connected to the board and no pins are broken Off or bent
  • Look carefully, when connect the red wire running from the monitor to the connector will face left, this is very important
  •  Make sure all the wires are connected properly and facing left and the ground wire is in the proper spot
  • When you go through all the wire checks then close the back door of your Arcade 1up
  • Power On your Machine and check the picture

Power supply running from your wall outlet to the power brick to the nubby and plug it into the nubby, if that is all properly hooked up your issue is either a bad monitor or a bad PCB.

In that case, you will need to contact arcade1up support.

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Final Words 

This article will help you to fix your Arcade1up White Screen problem. You can enjoy your gaming passion by fixing this by following all the instructions given above.

You can take it as a piece of advice, when you do the troubleshoot, take extra precautions by using proper tools and safety equipment.

If you feel that you are confident, that you can fix it by yourself then go ahead, but if you cannot then the best thing call a professional and let him service the machine.

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